Family Grace blogger Shawnelle Eliasen

Lovely in His Sight

A grandmother's love evokes the love of Christ–strong and pure and sweet.

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Amy and Nick on the beach, years before they met and married!

Six Fateful Photos That Foretold True Love

Is there a master plan? Sometimes we catch a glimpse of the blueprint…

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Legendary game show host Monty Hall

Guideposts Classics: Monty Hall on the Value of Family

In this story from September 1975, popular game show host Monty Hall celebrates his mother's legacy of love.

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Bible verses for a better attitude
Encouraging Bible Verses

Bible Verses for a Better Attitude

When you expect good things from God, you get good things from God!

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Margaret and Chris in love and in their wheelchairs. From The New York Times.

An Unlikely Place for Love

Proof of the miraculous power of love, which flourishes even when all hope appears to be lost.

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Stories of Faith blogger Shawnelle Eliasen hugging her son Gabriel

Sharing Words of Love

There is nothing silly about telling others that you love them. Those words are a blessing.

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Arlene Francis
Positive Thinking

Guideposts Classics: Arlene Francis on Listening Louder

In this story from May 1984, star of stage, television and radio Arlene Francis shares how she came upon a new way to "love thy neighbor."

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Swatches from a red, white and blue Quilt of Valor
Ministries and Outreach

Wrap a Soldier in Love

There is nothing like a handmade quilt crafted with love and prayers, recognizing a soldier’s sacrifice...

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Inspirational Stories blogger Michelle Medlock Adams at a leopard print podium

Love Me Some Leopard

Isn’t it wonderful when someone knows the real you and still loves you?

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Guideposts copy editor Kate and her husband
God's Grace

5 Love Lessons

When it comes to love stories, says guest blogger Diana Aydin, a divine force often brings couples together in truly mysterious ways.

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