The deployment of Outreach Ministries blogger Edie Melson's son Jimmy
Military Outreach Stories

War is a Part of Life

I’ve sent my son off to war twice, and I know the battles faced when a loved one deploys...

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Guideposts: Actor Gary Sinise
Military Outreach Stories

Gary Sinise Honors Our Nation's Veterans

The acclaimed actor share his inspiring story of supporting our nation's fighting men and women.

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Sandra Ownbey with her husband, Jim
Military Outreach Stories

Our Returning Troops: TBI Sparks a Marine's Most Difficult Battle

Traumatic Brain Injury. At last, a name for what was wrong with her husband since his return from Iraq. 

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Guideposts: Janet Paige Smith and her son David
Military Outreach Stories

Soldiers Coming Home: A Military Mother's Answered Prayer

It was her idea to have her son live at home after his return from Iraq. Was it a bad move?

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A young lion, photographed on safari in South Africa

Unexpected Treasure at the End of the Rainbow

On safari, my wife and I wanted to see a lion up close. It seemed hopeless until the unexpected happened.

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A man's hands clasp a rosary
God's Grace

The Good Soldier

My father did a noble thing in World War II, and it may have saved his life…

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Positive Living

Black Friday

The Guideposts editor-in-chief shares how you can support the military during the holidays.

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Stack of old letters

A Soldier's Letters of Hope

This fourth-grader's faith kept him going

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