Breath of fresh air
Health and Wellness

4 Easy Ways to Embrace the Healing Power of Nature

The positive power of nature is inspiring doctors to prescribe going outside to improve your health.

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Jacqueline Suskin having a conversation with Neal in the forest.
Inspiring Stories

How Her Poems Started an Unlikely Friendship

She was a poet who loved trees. He ran a timber company. Could they find common ground?

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Welcome Spring

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Bree and Camille reading a book outdoors.

Meet the Chicken that Changed Her Life

Camille Licate never thought her rescue rooster Bree would lead her on a new path

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The Pimento eggs in a nest.

What This Empty Nester Learned from a Family of Birds

She was having a hard time letting go of her kids, until this cardinal couple showed her the way

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A trail of small, white flowers lead to an angel sitting on a bench in a garden.

A Heaven-Sent Path of Flowers

After losing her husband to cancer, she found a mysterious trail of white flowers in her backyard 

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Winter crafts to Boost Your Mood
Living Longer, Living Better

7 Winter Crafts to Boost Your Mood

Discover the surprising benefits of these winter activities 

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A woman with her gloved hands showing a heart symbol as light shines through.

7 Health Myths About Winter

Good news! The winter season can actually benefit your health.

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A majestic humpback whale breaching in the blue waters of the ocean.
God's Grace

The Astonishing Wonder of Whales

Research has revealed that these majestic creatures are known to display humanlike emotions. Even compassion.

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Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Mary Oliver

10 Inspiring Quotes from Poet Mary Oliver

Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Mary Oliver passed away at the age of 83 on January 17, 2019. Guideposts honors her work with some of her best poetry quotes and sayings.

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