A Butterfly’s Beauty, Part 2

They needed a sign of hope to know Elizabeth would always be with them...

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True Stories of Answered Prayer

Pray for Rain

Good things do happen...with your help.

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Positive Living

Pink Tulips! Yellow Daffodils! Purple Pansies! And Forgiveness...

Why she enjoyed God's gifts of flowers blooming in the midst of December.

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Motivational Stories

The Cherry Tree

The Guideposts senior editor shares his thoughts on poems attached to New York City trees.

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Saving Lives Before Breakfast

How the feeling of saving of life is considered a miracle.

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Positive Thinking

Instant Spring

The Guideposts executive editor shares insight on how you can think positively for instant gratification.

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Positive Thinking

The Plastic Sea

Why switching to sustainable choices in living will help our oceans.

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New Yorkers...Their Amazing Choice

Why New Yorkers value Central Park's vast space.

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Health and Wellness

Yuk! How Disgusting!

Why 100 percent recycled paper surprised her.

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Stories of Faith

A Walk in the Park

The Guideposts senior editor shares his thoughts on why God is always in nature.

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