Two girls talking a walk through a scenic forest; Getty Images
God's Grace

How Reconnecting with Nature Encourages Spiritual Growth

Exploring how turning to nature can bring us closer to God.

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The Big Picture
Inspiring Stories

How to See—and Take Comfort in— ‘The Big Picture’

Realizing the grandeur of the known world can put things into a positive perspective for our daily lives.

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Bare tree limbs against sky
Positive Living

Once the Leaves Have Fallen, There's Still Plenty to See

We all miss the greens, red, yellows and oranges of our botanical neighbors—but the bare trees have a beautiful lesson to teach us.

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Autumn prayers
Seasonal Prayers

7 Biblical Prayers for Autumn

It’s a perfect time to reach out to our Creator.

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Susan Jane Brown and Mark Webb; photo by Randy Boverman
Stories of Hope

Environmentalists and Loggers Came Together in this Oregon Town

Two adversaries, brought together by faith, are working toward a sustainable future for the community.

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Shorter days by the fire
Positive Thinking

How to Enjoy the Positive Side of Earlier Sunsets

Darkness doesn’t have to be a state of mind as we “fall back” into the shorter days of autumn.

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Pastor Matt Hall hikes the Appalachian Trail; video by Michael A. Schwarz
Addiction and Recovery

How the Great Outdoors Helped a Pastor on His Sobriety Journey

United Methodist pastor Matt Hall shares how a summer ministering to hikers along the Appalachian Trail influenced his recovery from drug addiction.

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Thunderstorm clouds over Kansas; Getty Images
God's Grace

Heavenly Protection During Natural Disasters

Stories of divine rescue from tornados, snowstorms, wildfires and more.

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Spiritual autumn
Life Advice

Finding Spiritual Sustenance in the Fall Foliage

Nature can heal us—and challenge us. Authentically positive thinkers embrace both these truths.

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Stories of Faith

How Cockatiels Inspired Thoughts of Eternity

There’s a lot these funny, spunky pets don’t know about a bigger world—but we do.

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