Andrea Freidenthaler with grandson Devon
Addiction and Recovery

She Learned to Let Go and Let God Help Her Addicted Grandson

Both her adult son and his son, whom she adopted, struggled with substance abuse. Was her approach to parenting in some way enabling?

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How forgiveness and parenting work together.

How Parenting and Forgiveness Work Together

Forgiveness is about my heart, while parenting is about shaping the heart of my daughter.

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Julia, Elmo, Abby and Big Bird on Sesame Street
Movies and TV

The Inspiring Story of Julia, Sesame Street's First Puppet With Autism

How the beloved children's series is using their newest puppet to break down barriers and send a message of acceptance. 

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Stuck in traffic.
Life Advice

Stress Isn’t Forever

A traffic jam isn’t forever; uncertainty isn’t forever; even suffering isn’t forever.

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Lucas and Lisa Wasinger pose with their Minecraft quilt

The Minecraft Quilt that Brought a Mother and Son Closer

To strengthen her bond with her son, Lisa Wasinger created a Minecraft quilt that combined her love of quilting and his enthusiasm for online gaming.

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Rebekah Gregory with her son, Noah
Stories of Hope

Surviving the Boston Marathon Bombing and Its Aftermath

Meet Rebekah Gregory, who overcame the loss of a leg following the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.

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Valerie Herskowitz behind the counter at the Chocolate Spectrum
Special Needs Children

She Created Jobs for Her Son and Other Autistic Adults

A mother finds a path to give her autistic son a purpose in his adult life.

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Laura Boggs and her daughter Maggie
Stories of Hope

Snark No More: She Gave Up Sarcasm for Lent

A woman who too often turned to sarcastic judgement of other people shares how her daughter convinced her to give up "snark" for Lent. Look for Laura's story in the March 2017 edition of Guideposts.

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Lt. Alex Beveridge gives Colton an American flag at Camp POSTCARD.
America's Angels

America's Angels: VOA Camp Gave At-Risk Boy Needed Confidence

Colton had recently lost his father and he was being bullied at school. But a police detective recommended him for a Volunteers of America sleepaway camp that made all the difference.

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5 ways to teach kids money management
Life Advice

5 Ways to Teach Kids Money Management Skills

No matter your financial situation, you can help your kids make smart money choices.

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