Ezra, Naomi and Eli bring their parents three times the joy.

The Joys of Adoption: A Trio of Treasured Toddlers

Despite the challenges presented by her adopted children's special needs, this young mother is harried but happy.

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Joanna Kovacs and her son, Joe, near the beach at Chula Vista, California, where Joe trained for the Olympic Trials

Rio 2016: A Mother's Pride in Her Olympian Son

Joanna Kovacs was mother, father and even coach to her shot-putting son, Joe. And now that he's made the U.S. Olympics squad, she'll be cheering him on from the stands in Rio de Janeiro.

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Carmen Escamilla and her son Cande
Adult Children

First-Generation Mother Takes Pride in Her Educator Son

Carmen Escamilla had long dreamed of her children growing up to be well-educated, prosperous professionals. Her son Cande tried to accomodate her wishes by going to law school—until the day he decided to pursue another path.

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Ashley Rhodes-Courter outside her home in St. Petersburg, Florida
Blended Families

Adoption Allows Her to Share Her Love

Ashley Rhodes-Carter lived with 14 different foster families prior to be adopted at the age of 12. Now, she shares the love her parents gave her with her own three sons, one of whom is adopted.

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Ricci with her youngest daughter, Bree

A Miracle Baby Brings Her Mother Hope

She thought she was through having children, but He knew otherwise...

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An artist's rendering of a small boy kneeling in prayer at his bedside
Prayers for Family

Someone Cares—Pass It On: Children's Prayer

A mother shares a prayer she composed for her young children to say at bedtime, so that they might drift off to sleep feeling loved and safe.

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Today show coanchor Savannah Guthrie
Celebrity Stories

Savannah Guthrie: Holding Fast to Faith

The more challenges Today show coanchor Savannah Guthrie faced—as a lawyer, news anchor and new mom—the more she turned to Scripture for inspiration and hope.

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Guideposts Classics: Archie Manning on Family and Faith

Guideposts Classics: Archie Manning on Family and Faith

In this story from December 1973, former quarterback Archie Manning, father to Super Bowl-winning QBs Peyton and Eli Manning, shares how important his parents were in guiding him toward success and faith in God.

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Grumpy Mom Syndrome, How to Shake It

How to Shake Grumpy Mom Syndrome

6 ways to get a grip on your frustration with your kids.

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Chad Veach on his new book Unreasonable Hope
Special Needs Children

What His Daughter's Brain Disorder Taught Pastor Chad Veach About Hope

The author of the new book Unreasonable Hope talks about the turning point in his family's fight against a rare brain disorder. 

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