The two are forever bonded because of their shared tragedy. Through love and time, they were both able to find happiness and purpose again.
Service Animals

The Donkey That Saw Her Through Her Grief

When Robin Birdsong met Ronnie the donkey, she knew he was different than all the other animals she had saved. They had both lost a child. Robin knew exactly how Ronnie felt and she was determined to help him heal.

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Louise the rooster loves people.
Service Animals

Therapy Chickens Are Helping People Across the Country

From stressed-out tech executives to seniors with dementia, more people are finding chickens make life better

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Petey the therapy dog in training.
Service Animals

Petey, a Therapy Dog in Training

In our print series “A Therapy Dog’s Journey,” columnist Peggy Frezon takes All Creatures readers along as her golden retriever, Petey, trains to become a certified therapy dog. Check out this video of the playful pup working on his skills in training class. Will he eventually pass the test? 

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Two feral kittens eating a meal.

Cats Help Keep City Streets Safe from Rats

In New York City, feral cats receive food and shelter and help keep down the rat population.

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Stars of Animals Shows on TV
Movies and TV

8 Heartwarming Animal Shows You Can Watch Now

Can’t get enough creatures in your life? Check out these awesome TV animals. 

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Louise the rooster in a wheelchair.
Service Animals

Louise the Rooster Helps Others Build Confidence

A rooster in a wheelchair shows us that a little love and kindness goes a long way.

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Holding a pet rabbit
Power of Prayer

5 Prayers and Blessings for Animals and Pets

On the Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals, words of thanks and praise for the creatures who enrich our lives.

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Renea and son Jacob with dock diving champs Lily (left) and Monte

How a Rescue Dog Helped Her Heal

A back injury left her unable to work, but a mixed-breed dog helped her find a new calling.

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Close-up of a white-necked jacobin drinking nectar from a flower. This species is also known as great jacobin or collared hummingbird.

He Found Strength Through Hummingbirds

This documentary filmmaker found a world of inspiration in the tiniest package.

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A close up of a lone duck floating on a pond.
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This Duck Tale Warms the Heart

Observing the ducks in her pond, she realized what a difference we can make in each other's lives

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