Guideposts: Peggy Frezon's dogs, Kelly and Ike!

Inspirational Stories for National Dog Day

At Edward Grinnan's invitation, dozens of readers sent in snapshots of their dogs. We hope these pictures and stories will inspire you.

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a woman grieving the loss of her pet cat
Power of Prayer

A Peaceful Prayer in Her Moment of Grief

A grieving pet owner finds comfort in this excerpt from Guideposts Daily Planner 2016.

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Bear, the heaven sent dog.

Bear, the Heaven-Sent Dog

A shelter dog is saved by a twist of fate.

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Mary and her cat, Rainbow, who plays fetch like a dog
Service Animals

A Healing Feline to the Rescue

Arthritis had really slowed her down. Then the right medicine came along...

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A foreboding image of an intruder in a dark house miracle dog
God's Grace


A stranger had broken into her new home, taking beloved family heirlooms and leaving her feeling violated. Would she ever feel safe there again?

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Go Fetch Run instructor Angie holding her dog

The Doggie Workout Plan

Watch as Brooklynites take part in the latest fitness craze: exercising with their pooches!

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Zeke practices patience. Photo by Mike Frezon.

Practicing Patience

God is loving and patient with us. Surely I can learn to be patient, too–just like Zeke.

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Close-up of an elephant's eye. Thinkstock.

Compassion for Elephants

Today, our perception of the appropriate treatment of animals is changing. 

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Sulu the hamster. Photo by Judy Royal Glenn.

St. Patrick's Day Memories

How a mother's passing, a pet hamster and a teapot all come together.

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Peggy's father-in-law, Ed, with Moses.

Gray Muzzles and Gray Hair

Seniors and senior pets make a great match–both still have so much love to give.

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