An artist"s depiction of Jesus and the Transfiguration; Photo credit: Schalkwijk/Art Resource
God's Grace

How the Transfiguration of Jesus Reminds Us of God's Glory

Reflecting on the moment when Jesus became radiant on the mountain can help us transform our own lives.

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William Peters; Photo courtesy William Peters
God's Grace

A Conversation About the Healing Power of Shared Near-Death Experiences

A researcher who studies the end of life explains what these experiences are—and what they can teach us about the mysteries of life after death.  

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An artist's rendering of various mystics; Illustrations by John Jay Cabuay

Historical Figures and Their Divine Experiences

From Christian mystics, to saints, to authors and activists, here are stories of people whose divine experiences—and inspiring legacies—point to a hidden heavenly hand at work in our world.

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Finding calm
Positive Living

3 Simple Ways to Ground Your Body and Calm Your Mind

Try these techniques to give yourself the gift of the present moment.

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A dark, stormy sky.
God's Grace

The Big Question: Is Hell Real?

We’ve always had to grapple with the uncertainty of what awaits us after this life. If there exists the possibility of an eternity of peace, or is the opposite also true? Does Hell exist? It’s a question that philosophers, theologians and thinkers throughout the years have tried to answer.

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Jeff Olsen and Dr. Jeff O'Driscoll/ Photo credit: Robin Johnson
God's Grace

Their Shared Near-Death Experience Formed an Unbreakable Bond

After a devastating car accident, a glimpse of the afterlife continued to remind this patient-doctor duo of their divine connection. 

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Sunbeams streaming through clouds
God's Grace

Dreams That Were More Than Just Dreams

This collection of stories proves the divine power behind dreams.

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Two hands touching
Life After Death

The Divine Power Behind Shared Death Experiences

Psychotherapist William Peters discusses the profound experience between a living person and a deceased loved one as they transition into the afterlife.

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Hospital nurse
How to Pray

How to Pray for Those on the Front Lines

Prayers for first responders and medical personnel, those who stock our groceries, deliver our packages, truck drivers and more.

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Woman using a laptop while cooking
Living Longer, Living Better

4 Creative Ways to Thrive While Social Distancing

Stay safe, healthy and feeling connected with these fun, clever tips.

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