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Guideposts News

Guideposts’ New YouTube Channel 'Witnessing Heaven': First-Hand Accounts of Near-Death-Experiences

Heaven, God, deceased loves ones—all seen by people who have experienced the afterlife and live to tell about it.  

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Showing gratitude
Inspiring Stories

The Inadequacy of ‘Thank You’ to a Retiring Rabbi

The impact a member of the clergy has on each congregant is so beautiful and vast, it can’t be captured in just a few words of gratitude.

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Knee pain
How to Pray

How Does Your Faith Help with Chronic Pain?

When you are seeking relief from suffering, both physically and spiritually

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Martin Doblmeier Prophetic Voices historical figures people of God
Movies and TV

5 Famous Spiritual Leaders of the 20th Century

This documentarian examines the lives of five historic prophetic voices—from Reinhold Niebuhr to Howard Thurman—and shows what we can learn from them today.

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A ray of light
Alzheimer's and Dementia

A Ray of Light at a Mother’s Death

Although miles apart, knowing that she was gone.

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A palm leaf; Getty Images
God's Grace

How The Miracles of Holy Week Fortified His Faith

The miraculous signs that affirmed Jesus’ sanctity became a transcendent experience and a wondrous spiritual training.

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Woman reading a book in the evening
Life Advice

7 Calming Evening Activities You Can Do Without Screens

Need to decompress after a long day? Try these relaxing pastimes—no cell phone or electronic device required. 

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Photo credit: Elijah Stephens
God's Grace

A Conversation with a Miracle Investigator

Elijah Stephens traveled across the country interviewing people who have experienced miraculous healings. Here are his findings from his quest.

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An illustration depicting two overlapping hands; ILLUSTRATION BY SANDRA DIONISI
God's Grace

3 Mysterious Stories of Divine Hands at Work

These righteous testimonials illustrate a heaven-sent presence that provided spiritual comfort, aid and healing.

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A snowboarder making a high jump in clear, blue sky; Getty Images
God's Grace

Silver Medalist Amy Purdy's Spiritual Experience

This Paralympian had a near-death experience that gave her the strength and perseverance for snowboarding.

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