An artist’s interpretation of the light at the end of the tunnel that many near-death experiencers report.
God's Grace

6 Times a Mysterious Light Provided Comfort

Throughout history, people have witnessed awe-inspiring luminosities that made them wonder—were they experiencing glimpses of a heavenly glow? Below are five examples of such lights. Some have scientific explanations, some defy logic, but all have provided spiritual comfort in times of darkness.

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Woman at a peaceful lake
Stories of Faith

The Spiritual Purpose of Loneliness

What can we learn from the Bible about the concept of being alone?

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A portrait of Dr. Laurin Bellg in the hospital.
God's Grace

How a Mysterious Hospital Visitor Led Her To Believe in Near-Death Experiences

This doctor learned that there is room for mystery in healing. 

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A single honey bee flying to a white flower.
God's Grace

The Spiritual Importance of Honeybees

These creatures are not only a significant part of the natural world, but are connected to the divine, too. 

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Barcelona Cathedral

8 Mystical, Magical Sights in Spain

Whether you plan to travel to España sometime soon, or just want to take a virtual vacation, here are some of Barcelona and Madrid’s most intriguing spiritual spots.

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A girl sitting on the rocks of Sedona, Arizona.
Devotions for Good Health

A Devotion for When You Feel Broken

When you are feeling devastated, turn to this faith tip.

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An artist's rendering of saints in religious garb and memorabilia.
Finding Life Purpose

We All Can Be Holy: Celebrating All Saints Day

In remembering their great attributes, let us not forget what made them human, too.

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A woman walking on abandoned railroad tracks towards a mysterious glowing light.
Life After Death

Why Do Only Some People Get Near-Death Experiences?

A leading researcher explains why only a certain percentage of people get a glimpse of the afterlife.

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Two friends happily hiking through the woods.
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6 Simple Tips To Create a Wellness Routine

Improving your health doesn't require a celebrity trainer or a big budget

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A mysterious door opening.
God's Grace

The Big Question: Why Are We Here?

It’s something each of us has asked ourselves at some point in our lives, whether it’s a passing thought while riding the bus or during the type of deep contemplation that keeps you up late into the night. What is my purpose? Here are a few thoughts from authors, experts, and spiritual leaders on humanity’s ultimate question.

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