Ed demonstrating his physical therapy exercise.
Living Longer, Living Better

Parkinson's Disease: Fighting It Head On

He gained confidence and saw improvement thanks to physical therapy and voice therapy.

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Woman in thought
Life Advice

What Good Can Come of Hardship?

When you turn to God, times of stress can lead to better choices and richer insights.

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Strength Quote

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Nick Foles Quote, Strength

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Sharon's medals from Good Samaritan Society – Bonell Community's Senior Olympics.
Living Longer, Living Better

A Gold Medal Performance

Her positive attitude helped her regain her strength and recover from a serious illness.

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President Abraham Lincoln
Emotional and Mental Health

Abraham Lincoln: A Courage Born of Depression

Abraham Lincoln knew great loss and deep sorrow throughout his life, and it may be that his lifelong melancholia gave him the strength to handle the crises of his years as president.

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Smiling woman looking with hope into horizon during sunset at beach
Addiction and Recovery

Addiction and Recovery: 8 Lessons from a Relapse

When an addict in recovery relapses, the return to sobriety offers important lessons.

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Banish winter gloom
Positive Living

5 Ways to Banish Winter Gloom

In the middle of all the snow and slush and mud, there are signs of hope. Here’s how to see them.

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Drake Quote, Strength

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