Real positivity
Positive Living

Is There Such a Thing As ‘Toxic Positivity?’

Positive words can ring hollow if they deny the full range of our emotional lives.

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Positive Living

How to Find the Courage to Keep Going

Living positively means accepting that life sometimes asks us to regain our balance before we can move forward.

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Coping with life's challenges
How to Pray

How to Respond When Life Isn’t as It ‘Should’ Be

Do those irritating or sorrowful paths lead you closer to God? 

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The Enormous Benefits of Respite for Caregivers
Caregiver Stress

The Enormous Benefits of Respite for Caregivers

There are many resources available to help family caregivers take time off

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How to stay positive in middle of struggle
Positive Living

3 Ways to Celebrate Even When You’re Hurting

Try these strategies to stay present for the positive moments in otherwise tough times.

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An angry wife

How God Transforms Our Anger

A fuming wife’s reaction toward her husband turns to love and compassion with a little help from a Bible verse.

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A sweet answer to a prayer
God's Grace

A Sweet Answer to a Prayer

A well-timed cupcake offers reassurance after a stressful day at the office.

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God's strength carries us through tough times
Answered Prayers

How to Find God When You Feel Depleted

Even when we feel powerless, God's love can pull us through. 

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Couple with dog
Living Longer, Living Better

6 Ways Pets Help You Live Longer

Pets are more than just best friends, they can also boost mental, emotional and physical health.  

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Embracing difficult times
Stories of Hope

Embracing the Difficult Path

Finding meaning in the everyday struggles of life. 

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