Couple with dog
Living Longer, Living Better

6 Ways Pets Help You Live Longer

Pets are more than just best friends, they can also boost mental, emotional and physical health.  

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Embracing difficult times
Stories of Hope

Embracing the Difficult Path

Finding meaning in the everyday struggles of life. 

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Martin Luther King Jr., Ralph Abernathy (right) unidentified men sing in Selma, Alabama church.
Stories of Faith

Martin Luther King’s Favorite Hymn

Singing words of comfort for those who suffer

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Waiting in line
Inspirational Prayers

6 Ways to Make Standing in Line a Positive Experience

Prayer strategies for those times you’re stuck waiting your turn

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How to slow down during the holiday season
Life Advice

3 Ways to Slow Down During the Holidays

Slowing down during December’s excitement? No, it’s not impossible—it’s a gift you can give yourself.

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Finding the power to survive a crisis
Positive Living

How to Bounce Back from a Setback

Resilience can be yours if you remember what brought you to this moment.

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A good time to turn to God
Inspirational Prayers

A Good Time to Turn to God

When the train is delayed, the kids are acting out, the printer runs out of ink—all are wonderful chances to talk to God.

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One-word Christmas prayers
Holiday Prayers

4 One-Word Prayers for Advent

Quiet moments of prayer do not have to be pushed aside in all the chaos leading up to Christmas.

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Busy woman
Life Advice

Can't Do It All? It Doesn't Matter

Earthly ideas of perfection have nothing to do with completion in the eyes of God.

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