To travel is to see the world for the big place it is. Embrace travel as an opportunity to expand your worldview and your attitude--not to mention your appreciation of everything you love about coming home.
The church at Cares Cove
God's Grace

A Most Unusual Easter Service

She was deep in the woods, when she stumbled upon the church at Cades Cove.

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A Kenyan elephant from prayer blogger Rick Hamlin's safari
How to Pray

Prayer for the Elephants

When we pray for peace, it’s always been for countries and politicians and wars, but I imagine a new prayer for peace that includes the animals.

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Prayer blogger Rick Hamlin with Phyllis, a pastor from Kangundo, Kenya
Power of Prayer

Singing an African Prayer

Our churches were separated by thousands of miles, but in a matter of minutes the music had put us all on the same page.

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Travel to Spain with Angels on Earth

Join us as we explore the role that angels play in the artistic and cultural life of Spain.

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Car driving through blizzard
God's Grace

Mysterious Ways: The Miraculous Billboard

Two women, traveling by car through a blizzard, search desperately for shelter for the night.

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An artist's map-like rendering of the Lake Garda area
God's Grace

Divine Guidance in the Italian Countryside

Who but God could have managed such an improbable encounter?

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An artist's rendering of a guardian angel in the desert

Guard Rail or Guardian Angel?

The Mojave Desert was beautiful—and dangerous. But something stopped her fall.

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Airport Departures-Arrivals sign
God's Grace

Wrong Time, Right Place

Because her ride was delayed, a woman is able to assist a harried traveler and her daughter.

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Elephants photographed by Guideposts president and CEO Richard Hopple on safari

A Gift of Inspiration


Share your inspiring moments with friends and family just like I did, through pictures.

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Ron Clancy

Where Christmas Music Lived

We all know our favorite holidays songs. But do you know where they came from?

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