To travel is to see the world for the big place it is. Embrace travel as an opportunity to expand your worldview and your attitude--not to mention your appreciation of everything you love about coming home.
Peggy and Kelly going on vacation

5 Pet-astic Summer Trips

Guideposts staffers reveal their favorite pet-friendly vacation spots.

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moose in a river

Angels of Nature

A week in the wilderness helped this woman find a little heaven on earth.

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Rest, relaxation and renewal
Emotional and Mental Health

Take a Wellness Weekend

How a simple vacation can inspire joy, happiness and a positive attitude.

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Lacie and Dee
Managing Life Changes

A Dee-lightful Change

Working at the nursing home wasn't the glamorous job I'd dreamed of.

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young woman looking out a window hopefully
Positive Thinking

How to Turn Your Goals into Habits

Follow these steps to make big changes and turn your life around.

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Inspiring stories from the Holy Land

Journey to the Holy Land

There are hints of faith in every nook and cranny of the Holy Land.

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The Eliasen boys at Higgins Lake

The Blessings of Higgins Lake

Her faith reminded her that wonder still exists here

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Cruising with Angels

Take a vacation with us!

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A woman waits in an airport, unaware her oldest friend is nearby.
God's Grace

Far from Home

Such a long trip for such a short stay

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maui beach rescue

A Maui Rescue

Our dream vacation in Maui almost turned into a nightmare.

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