To travel is to see the world for the big place it is. Embrace travel as an opportunity to expand your worldview and your attitude--not to mention your appreciation of everything you love about coming home.
Eva Saulitis
Living With Cancer

A Whale's Heavenly Healing Touch

A cancer patient gains strength from an interaction with an elusive orca whale.

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Melanie Dobson, author of Where the Trail Ends from Summerside Press

God Provided, Then and Now

Melanie Dobson shares how her family's faith was tested and ultimately strengthened.

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Man had lost leather wallet with money on the floor.
True Stories of Answered Prayer

What Prayer Can Do: Ask and You Shall Receive

When he lost his wallet, he put together a long to-do list, but he forgot the most important item.

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Sherry Gore with a platter of her tropical chicken salad

Love from the Amish Riviera

In Pinecraft, Florida, visiting is a way of life. And you never arrive empty-handed.

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Sunni Jeffers, author of Coast to Coast, from the Miracles of Marble Cove series
Managing Life Changes

Accept God's Plan After Disappointment

Sunni Jeffers reminds us that though plans can fall through, there is often a sunny side.

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Travel to Australia with Angels on Earth

Join us as we travel down under to explore the role of angels in the culture of Australia.

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Angels on Earth editorial assistant Kelly P. Gallagher

A Guardian Angel for Her Travels

Angels are always traveling with us, no matter our destination.

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Travel to Germany with Angels on Earth

Join us as we explore the role that angels play in the artistic and cultural life of Germany.

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Denise Valuk and Collin
Emotional and Mental Health

A Bridge to Renewed Faith

She had called it a vacation, but she was really running away from her fear and pain.

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An older gentleman in a black beret strolls away

Guardian Angel in a Black Beret

A young woman caught without lodging in Barcelona is assisted by a heavenly stranger.

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