To travel is to see the world for the big place it is. Embrace travel as an opportunity to expand your worldview and your attitude--not to mention your appreciation of everything you love about coming home.
Elephants photographed by Guideposts president and CEO Richard Hopple on safari

A Gift of Inspiration


Share your inspiring moments with friends and family just like I did, through pictures.

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Ron Clancy

Where Christmas Music Lived

We all know our favorite holidays songs. But do you know where they came from?

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Matt dances with people all over the world

Where in the World Is Matt? 2012

Matt dances with thousands all over the world.

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Joyce Nutta at the Continental Divide

Inspired to Take the Road Less Traveled

A Florida woman and her husband discover unexpected delights during a road trip.

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An artist's rendering of Johnny Appleseed
Finding Life Purpose

A Fruitful, Faithful Life

It's said that Johnny Appleseed's eccentric mission was inspired by an angel.

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The Smiling Angel of Rheims
Managing Life Changes

The Smiling Angel

A statue's happy countenance reminds a grieving woman that joy abides.

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Joan Ripley and her granddaughter Clara
Emotional and Mental Health

Given Shelter from the Storm by a Heavenly Host

Seeking shelter from a sudden storm, a mother finds safe haven for her kids.

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Richard Wingate
True Stories of Answered Prayer

What Prayer Can Do: Roadside Assistance

Caught in a storm, a motorcyclist benefits from some unexpected heavenly guidance.

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Susan Orneck
True Stories of Answered Prayer

What Prayer Can Do: Faith at 30,000 Feet

A worried woman unexpectedly finds eager prayer partners on a cross-country flight.

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The skyline of Cairo
God's Grace

Mysterious Ways: Lost In Cairo

I've long loved to travel, and on a journey to Egypt, I witnessed a miracle from God.

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