Guideposts: WIllard Scott of NBC's Today Show
Positive Thinking

Willard Scott's Words to Grow On

In this story from March 1983, The Today Show's Willard Scott shares some career advice he received from a very familiar source: King Solomon, himself!

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A young girl lovingly embraces her father, her face beaming.

Father Knows Best: Advice from Dads

To celebrate Father's Day, we turned to our readers, asking them to pass on the best pieces of advice their fathers ever shared with them.

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Snake in the grass. Thinkstock.
Emotional and Mental Health

Banishing the Serpents of Fear

St. Patrick may not have cast out snakes from your backyard, but don't let that stop you from stepping out.


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Shawnelle's grandmother

3 Ways to Raise a Faith-Filled Family

Remembering a grandmother's wisdom and her love for the Lord

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Inspiring Stories

Never Too Old for Pajamas

We are not our ages, at least not fully. We are the sum and the synthesized wisdom of our life experiences.

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