Managing emotions
Positive Living

3 Healthy Ways to Compartmentalize Emotions

We can’t always turn off our big feelings, but we can develop techniques to prevent them from running our life. 

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Coping with life's challenges
Prayer Stories

How to Respond When Life Isn’t as It ‘Should’ Be

Do those irritating or sorrowful paths lead you closer to God? 

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A man stands, arms outstretched, in a sun-drenched field
How to Pray

6 Prayers to Let Go and Let God

Relieve fear and anxiety and remember Who is in control.

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Embracing difficult times
Stories of Hope

Embracing the Difficult Path

Finding meaning in the everyday struggles of life. 

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Daily Devotions

Just for Today

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Costant prayer
Persistent Prayer

Praying Until Something Happens

Don’t stop praying through a tough situation. God will answer.

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A good time to turn to God
Power of Prayer

A Good Time to Turn to God

When the train is delayed, the kids are acting out, the printer runs out of ink—all are wonderful chances to talk to God.

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Pray for safety and protection
Power of Prayer

10 Scripture Prayers for Safety and Protection

When you are feeling fearful, these verses from the Bible will bring comfort and ease.

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Family around Christmas tree
Living Longer, Living Better

5 Tips to Ensure a Healthy and Stress-Free Holiday Season

Practical ways to minimize worry and embrace joy during the holidays.

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Woman looking at departure board in airport

5 Tips for Staying Calm During Holiday Travel

Don’t let anxiety keep you from experiencing the joy of travel.

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