An Important 'Guideposts Writers Workshop Contest' Announcement

As the entry deadline approaches, here's some new key information you'll want to know.

Posted in , Jun 5, 2020

A woman composes her story for the Guideposts Writers Workshop contest

The deadline is drawing near to enter the Guideposts Writers Workshop contest—all stories must be submitted by June 30—and there are some new developments we want to share with you.

1. Only digital submissions are eligible. Because of the coronavirus outbreak, Guideposts staffers have been working from home since March 13. As a result, contest entries submitted via postal mail won't be eligible, as we do not currently have access to them.

If you already mailed your story, you must resubmit it via email or our online form.

Stories already sent via postal mail will eventually be read by our editors, and it's possible some will be selected to appear in future issues of the magazines, but they won't be eligible for the contest unless they are resubmitted digitally. Please note: If you already submitted your story digitally, there is no need to resubmit. 

2. Out of concern for the wellbeing of all involved, this year's workshop will be conducted online, with the winners taking part remotely via Zoom. Please do resubmit your story if you mailed it in; we're eager to read it and you just might be one of 12 lucky people who get to take part in our very first online writers workshop.

Ready to submit (or resubmit) your story? Click through for the online entry form!

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