Enter to win the Guideposts Writers Workshop 2016

Guideposts offers something no other magazine does—first person stories of hope and inspiration. For more than 70 years those stories have moved readers and even changed lives. If you’re a regular reader, you probably already know that, but you may not know that Guideposts is also committed to encouraging and training new writers. That’s why we sponsor a Writers Workshop every two years, where our editors spend a week helping emerging writers develop their talents and learn how to tell their stories. /p>

If you’re an aspiring writer interested in writing a story for Guideposts, there are three things you can do. First,  you don’t have to wait for our Writers Workshop (the next one is in 2018).

Next, you can find out more about the Writers Workshop.  Guideposts editors choose the participants based on their entries in our inspirational writing contest. We hate calling it a contest because it implies losers and winners and almost everyone who enters has something important and brave and honest to say in their story. You can learn about our new online course, “How To Tell A Great Story: The Essential Writing Course From the Editors of Guideposts”.

But, we can’t award everyone with an all-expenses paid trip to our week-long writing boot camp in Rye, New York, in an old mansion on the Long Island Sound. So we whittle the thousands of entrants down to a dozen or so (by the way, every new editor hired at Guideposts is required to go through the workshop).

Then we spend the week working hard on teaching and learning the art of powerful, first-person, inspirational storytelling. Most attendees say the experience changed their lives.

Many of them become regular contributors to the family of Guideposts publications. In fact, we think of our workshoppers as family, our far-flung eyes and ears across the country looking for the people and the stories you tell us you love.

If it weren’t for the workshoppers, we wouldn’t have those wonderful narrators you relate to so deeply. We’ll post more about the next workshop in the spring of 2018, but please don’t wait that long to join us. Watch the video below, read the magazine and the website, and send us your story ideas. Don’t wait to send them in, because we can’t wait to read them.


Please note: We are not currently accepting applications for the Writers Workshop. While the video below was created for those applying to the Workshop, it contains many helpful tips on how to write a Guideposts story.