Elephants Remember the Man Who Saved Them

They say elephants never forget. These elephants of Thula Thula are proving that adage by celebrating the life of Lawrence Anthony, the beloved wildlife conservationist from South Africa, who adopted and rehabilitated them.

Lawrence Anthony was a beloved wildlife conservationist from South Africa, known throughout the world as “The Elephant Whisperer”—a nickname he earned after adopting and rehabilitating a herd of wild elephants on his game reserve, Thula Thula.

In 2012, Lawrence suffered a fatal heart attack. Two days later, his wife, Françoise Malby Anthony, witnessed something incredible. The elephants of Thula Thula appeared outside her home in a solemn procession to pay tribute to Lawrence, a moving story Françoise told in the December/January 2016 issue of Mysterious Ways magazine.

Here, Françoise shares some behind-the-scenes photos and stories about Lawrence, the elephants and the mysterious force that connects all living things.—Diana Aydin   

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