Ten Prayers for Mother’s Day

How do you express your gratitude for Mom? Here are 10 everyday prayers for all the things Mom does.

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With Mother's Day right around the corner, there's no better time to say aloud the things we think about Mom but usually forget to tell her.

  1. You probably remember stuff that you regret doing as a mom. None of us remember it, but we forgive you anyway.
  2. We hope you forgive us for goofing off in Sunday School when you were the teacher.
  3. Nobody makes au gratin potatoes and meatloaf like you.
  4. You once said in a moment of exasperation, “I love my mom but sometimes I don’t like her.” Guess what, Mom? We kids all really like you.
  5. Did we ever thank you for not saying what you really thought about some of the people we went out with?
  6. You are a fabulous mother-in-law. Ask any of our spouses.
  7. We’re glad you can still drive. At least your presence on the road keeps us praying.
  8. A hundred times a day we hear ourselves say something you once said and we laugh because it must mean we’ve become just like you.
  9. You’re the only one who can announce on the phone, “This Is Your Mother.”
  10. You don’t need to text. You don’t have to get on Facebook. You don’t even need to email us. We think of you everyday with lots and lots of love.
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