Thanksgiving is a precious opportunity for families and friends to gather for delicious foods and delightful traditions of gratitude, love, and togetherness.

Star of stage and screen Kristin Chenoweth, featured in Guideposts' The Joys of Christmas 2016

Kristin Chenoweth: A Special Christmas Tradition

Listen as star of stage and screen Kristin Chenoweth, featured in Guideposts' The Joys of Christmas 2016, shares a special recollection of a memorable holiday breakfast.

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What to be thankful for after Thanksgiving
Positive Living

What to Be Thankful for After Thanksgiving

When the turkey’s gone, here are 10 reasons to look forward to what comes next.

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4 prayers to read around the Thanksgiving table.
Pray Effectively

4 Prayers to Read Around the Thanksgiving Table

Let one—or more—of these prayers enrich your Thanksgiving celebration

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Make each day feel like Thanksgiving.
Positive Living

Make Each Day Feel Like Thanksgiving

There are many small and big things in daily life that make us feel good, appreciated and loved…things to be thankful for.

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Grandma texting.
God's Grace

Grandma’s Wrong Text Shares Thanksgiving Spirit

She sent a Thanksgiving invite to the wrong teen, but invited him over anyway.

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The apple pie that almost ruined Thanksgiving.

The Apple Pie That Almost Ruined Thanksgiving

Turns out there’s plenty of room for all kinds of desserts at a Turkish family’s celebration.

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Prayer Stories

One Woman's Frantic Thanksgiving Prayer

She wanted Thanksgiving to be over... God had other plans.

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Tips to Plan a Thrifty and Fabulous Thanksgiving
Life Advice

Tips to Plan a Thrifty and Fabulous Thanksgiving

Hosting Thanksgiving can be fun and affordable.

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Celebrity chef Mario Batali poses with some of the ingredients that will go into his Thanksgiving dinner
Celebrity Stories

Mario Batali: Thanksgiving Dinner Is My Favorite Meal

Celebrity chef Mario Batali has plenty to be thankful for, and a Thanksgiving Day spent cooking with family is near the top of the list.

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Mario Batali's Thanksgiving Pecan Pie

Oklahoma Pecan Pie

Enjoy this pecan pie recipe from Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, as seen in Mario Batali's new book, Mario Batali—Big American Cookbook.

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