Ellen (left) helped set Roberta on a healthier path.

The Sister-in-Law Diet

Ellen's calm, scientific way of thinking was strangely comforting. Whenever I slipped, she was there to pick me up.

Singer Peggy Lee

Guideposts Classics: Peggy Lee on the Power of Prayer

Singer Peggy Lee extols the power of prayer in this Guideposts Classic.

Devotional writer, Katie Ganshert

Pray Away Your Worries

Make a daily list of your worries and truly live Philippians 4:6.

Pastor and author Max Lucado

Prayer, Simplified

Prayer shouldn’t be that hard, but sometimes we make it so, says pastor Max Lucado.

A statue of Abe Lincoln in chef's hat with kitchen tools in his hands


Lincoln saved the Union and freed the slaves. But did you know he could cook too?

Diana (second from right) with her family at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

The Lord's Words

It took a trip halfway across the world to find what she’d been looking for all her life.

illustration of a hand holding the word "gratitude"

10 Reasons to Thank God

Scripture gives us many examples of why we are to be thankful.

Laura at the Johnny Rockets where she manned the grill the night of the storm.

Feeling at Home at Johnny Rockets

Getting stranded in a snowstorm worked out for the best for one Alabama woman.

One of the joys of Christmas–gingersnap cookies.

The Joys of Christmas

A Christmas cookie that took a tween's mind off her tummy

An artist's rendering of an angel with a small bird on its finger

Love Among the Juniper

Gathered in branches outside her dad's window were the birds he called God’s choir.