Celebrity chef Mario Batali poses with some of the ingredients that will go into his Thanksgiving dinner

Mario Batali: Thanksgiving Dinner Is My Favorite Meal

Celebrity chef Mario Batali has plenty to be thankful for, and a Thanksgiving Day spent cooking with family is near the top of the list.

Mario Batali's Thanksgiving Pecan Pie

Oklahoma Pecan Pie

Enjoy this pecan pie recipe from Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, as seen in Mario Batali's new book, Mario Batali—Big American Cookbook.

Jean (center, in black) and her whole family volunteer at the community Thanksgiving buffet.

This Family Gives Thanks by Giving Back

A newly divorced mom and her kids, struggling with the disruption in their lives, find healing and hope by serving others at a community Thanksgiving dinner.

Celebrity chef and cookbook author Mario Batali

Behind the Scenes with Mario Batali: What Makes Thanksgiving Special

Watch as the celebrity chef and author shares why Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday.

Guideposts blogger Diana Aydin realizes the benefits of gratitude.

The Gratitude Challenge Comes to an End

The benefits of being thankful become clear.

Thankful for a dysfunctional Thanksgiving.

Thankful for a 'Dysfunctional' Thanksgiving

Assistant Editor Dan Hoffman dreaded Thanksgiving, until he adopted an attitude of gratitude…

MercyMe talks their new Christmas album and Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

MercyMe Talks Christmas Albums and the Macy's Parade

Nathan Cochran and Michael Scheuchzer of MercyMe talk their new Christmas album, holiday traditions and performing in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. 

Despite a daughter's anorexia, a mother still finds something to be thankful for at Thanksgiving.

Giving Thanks in the Darkness

Despite a daughter's life-threatening illness, there is still gratitude. There is still light.

On Thanksgiving, be thankful for the little moments.

Thankful for Little Moments

It's not just the big stuff that inspires gratitude, but the small stuff, too–like catsup and coffee...

Gratitude is not just for Thanksgiving. Let's make it all year long.

Closing Out a Month of Gratitude

More things to be thankful for not just in November, but every day of the year.