Thanksgiving Day of Prayer 2011

Join us on November 21st for prayers of gratitude and petition.

- Posted on Nov 9, 2010

Thanksgiving Day of Prayer at Guideposts

What will you be doing on the Monday before Thanksgiving: Cleaning? Food shopping in a grocery store? Dusting off the handprint turkey your daughter made in third grade?

Here at Guideposts, Monday, November 21, is our Thanksgiving Day of Prayer.

After compiling prayer requests for weeks from all over the world, we gather on that day—staff, volunteers in their homes, and others online—to pray by name and by need for the thousands of requests we receive.

Due to the severe economic challenges we’ve all faced in the past few years, it’s not surprising that finances and job-related prayer requests are abundant this year. OurPrayer senior prayer associate Angela Adams says she’s also seen many requests related to addiction, health, relationships and spiritual guidance.

OurPrayer manager, Peola C. Hicks, says she is encouraging people to be thankful for all those who help us in our lives: family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and kind strangers. She certainly is grateful to all the volunteers who dedicate their time to prayer requests.

OurPrayer, part of the Outreach Division of Guideposts, is a central part of the non-denominational organization created by the husband and wife team of Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and Ruth Stafford Peale. As a way to reach out and serve people in need, a live Prayer Line was set up, and then the OurPrayer website was developed to meet the growing need for prayer.

Specially trained volunteers dedicate their time by telephone and online, to listen to and support those in need—offering spoken and silent prayers in response to the personalized, heartfelt prayer requests that OurPrayer receives. So start your Thanksgiving early this year by joining us on November 21 for Thanksgiving Day of Prayer. Enter your prayer here.

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