Thanksgiving is a precious opportunity for families and friends to gather for delicious foods and delightful traditions of gratitude, love, and togetherness.
Family full of blessings. Photo by Yan Lev, Thinkstock.

Family Full of Blessings

I can never thank God enough for being so good to me and for the gift of my family.

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Guideposts: A Thanksgiving meal served at a soup kitchen
People Helping People

Thanksgiving with the Homeless

A volunteer learns a lesson about serving.

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Never let anyone be alone on Thanksgiving. Photo Shironosov for Thinkstock.

Alone on Thanksgiving

A family adopts grandparents for Thanksgiving–and everyone is blessed!

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Praise the Lord all day! Photo by Billy Alexander, Thinkstock, Getty Images.
Positive Living

Praise Him in the Morning

Even if you're not a morning person, a little praise first thing goes a long way—especially during the Thanksgiving season.

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Angel at an airline gate. Photo by NiroDesign for Thinkstock, Getty Images.

Angels at the Gate

Nothing could be better than not having to fly home for Thanksgiving–or could it?

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Under the Table–A Thanksgiving Poem

Under the Table–A Thanksgiving Poem

For dogs and cats waiting for morsels from Thanksgiving tables everywhere

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The power of prayer. Photo Willyam Bradberry (c) Shutterstock.
Power of Prayer

The Greatest Power Available to Us

In adversity, prayer is never a poor substitute for action. It is action.

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A woman with a shopping cart full of groceries.

Thanksgiving Restored

A woman finding it difficult to feel gratitude is reminded that blessings abide, even in tough times.

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Will car trouble keep their son from making it home for Thanksgiving?
God's Grace

Destination: Home

A pastor's wife fears her son won't make it home from college for Thanksgiving.

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An artist's rendering of an angelic Shoney's waitress

Thanksgiving Dinner at Our Place

Thanksgiving at a chain restaurant? I was mortified!

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