Thanksgiving is a precious opportunity for families and friends to gather for delicious foods and delightful traditions of gratitude, love, and togetherness.
Guideposts: Pecan Pie, a sweet Thanksgiving dessert

Pecan Pie

What a sweet way to end your Thanksgiving meal!

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Katie Brown with her daughter
Positive Living

My Perfectly Imperfect Thanksgiving Dinner

TV home expert Katie Brown says the best holidays are the ones that aren't so perfect.

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A slice of Beth's Chai-Spiced Pumpkin Pie
Health and Wellness

Chai-Spiced Pumpkin Pie

The spices of chai tea give this pumpkin pie a familiar yet distinctive flavor.

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Connie Ferdon, who was inspired to combine two yam recipes she found in Guidepos

Two Thanksgiving Yam Recipes in One

Inspired by a pair of sweet potato recipes, a Guideposts reader combines the two.

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A cooked turkey on a Thanksgiving Day table
Positive Living

Pass It On: A New Tradition

They found a new way to celebrate the lives of departed loved ones at Thanksgiving.

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Guideposts: Turkey Cookies for Thanksgiving

Adorable (and Delicious) Thanksgiving Cookies

A tasty way to show what you're thankful for!

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Trisha Yearwood relies on family recipes for Thanksgiving
Blended Families

Thanksgiving with Trisha Yearwood

Her first Thanksgiving away from home, the country star discovered that gratitude and tradition can travel far.

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Erika Bentsen with an equine friend

A Rancher's Humble Prayer

No strangers to struggle, these ranchers didn’t know how they’d make it to Christmas.

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Four pies that competed in the Mysterious Ways pie bake-off.

The Mysterious Power of Pie

It’s only fitting, writes guest blogger Diana Aydin, that as we celebrate the season of wonder, we receive surprise blessings.

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