Thanksgiving is a precious opportunity for families and friends to gather for delicious foods and delightful traditions of gratitude, love, and togetherness.
Prayers for safe travel
Quotes & Verses

7 Prayers for Safe Travels

If a trip is in your plans over the holidays, here’s how to ask for God’s protection.

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Thanksgiving abundance
Positive Living

3 Ways to Celebrate ‘Plenty’ This Thanksgiving

Embracing the gifts of food and friendship sets us on a positive path through the holiday season.

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Writing a thank you note
Motivational Stories

The Surprise Blessings of Thank-You Notes

When you have to write one, you may be stumped. But then you’ll discover that expressing gratitude is infectious.

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Inspiring Stories

7 Attributes of Grateful People

Gratitude makes the world a better place for everyone through expressions of joy, generosity and attention.

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How a Mistaken Click on Facebook Brought a Family Together

How a Mistaken Click on Facebook Brought a Family Together

An accidental click was actually an answer to prayer.

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Life Advice

The Gift of Listening

When you sit still and pay attention to someone, you help them feel valued and loved.

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Gratitude during deployment
Military Outreach Stories

Finding a Thankful Attitude During Deployment

A military mom shares how she came to find gratitude even when her son was posted overseas.

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Being satisfied with enough
Life Advice

The Peace of ‘Enough’ During the Holidays

Enjoying the bounty of the season while remembering that more is not always more, is an invitation to a more positive holiday.

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