The Miracles We Don't See

She'd always known that her boys were miracles. But she had no idea just how miraculous...

by - Posted on May 23, 2014

Guideposts editor Sabra Ciancanelli and her two sons

Have you ever uncovered a miracle months, even years, after it occurred?

That’s exactly what happened to our editor Sabra Ciancanelli. She’s been working at Guideposts for more than 15 years–and she’s also a Daily Guideposts writer–so she’s more than familiar with miracles. And yet, little did she know, she’d experienced something pretty miraculous in her past. Something that only revealed itself this past month, more than 12 years after it happened...

It all started with a routine doctor’s exam a month ago.  “Wait, what’s this?” my doctor said. “You’ve got something here. A lump in your pelvis.”  She arranged for an ultrasound right away and, minutes later, I found myself lying in a dimly lit room, trying to pray away my fears... and failing horribly.

“How long until I know the results?” I stammered.

“A few days,” the ultrasound technician said, averting her gaze. 

That night, while the rest of the house slept, I stared at the ceiling in a daze.  Six years earlier, my sister Maria had died suddenly in her sleep, leaving behind an 8-year-old daughter. She was 45, close to my age now.

I have a 12-year-old, Solomon, and an 8-year-old, Henry. They are everything to me, my little miracles. What if the tests came back positive? What if I didn’t make it? I pulled the covers closer.  Please God, I prayed. Let me live long enough to see my boys grow up.

Three long days later, I called the doctor’s office, desperate for news. “Let’s see,” the nurse said. I could hear the rustling of papers over the phone.  “Unremarkable.  Everything here in the report is fine. You’re healthy.”

“No mass?” I asked. “No cancer?”

“No,” she said.  “But, hmm... this is odd. Did you know that you were born with a rare condition, one that makes it difficult, if not impossible, to have children?” 

“But... I have two boys,” I said.

“I know,” the nurse said. “I remember looking at your file.  It’s strange this condition went unnoticed for so long. And the fact that you’ve had two healthy babies and no losses? You’re lucky. Very, very lucky.”

I hung up the phone, shocked. Lucky isn’t the word, I thought. I’ve always known that my boys are miracles. But I had no idea just how truly miraculous they actually are. Who knew it’d take a health scare to unveil something so extraordinary? 

Now I can’t help but wonder, though. What other miracles have I experienced completely unaware?

What about you? Have you ever discovered a miracle after the fact? Share your story below! 

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