"Touched by an Angel" Marathon

Touched by an Angel always reflected what the show’s writer knew to be true about heavenly angels.

by - Posted on Sep 13, 2012

The cast of Touched by an Angel

Sometimes I catch a rerun of Touched by an Angel and it makes my day. Now it looks like I have quite a weekend to look forward to, with GMC TV’s Touched by an Angel marathon running Saturday and Sunday, September 15 and 16. I’m sure I’ve seen every episode of the show’s nine seasons, but the stories never get old. Nor does Monica’s lovely Irish lilt!

The executive producer and head writer of the show, Martha Williamson, is a friend of Guideposts, and she’s been to our offices many times. She’s an amazing woman—smart, strong and beautiful—but what I admire most about her is the respect she has for the viewers of Touched by an Angel.

From the very first episode that aired, in September 1994, Martha Williamson was determined to write a series that was true to what she as a Christian knew was true about heavenly angels. They were God’s messengers who followed his will and did their work with enthusiasm and integrity, and loved their Boss. She knew that’s what people expected to see on a television show about angels, and she never failed us.

Do you know what inspired Martha Williamson to take on this new project that CBS wasn’t all that optimistic about? Angels, of course. Here’s the story she told Guideposts in May 1996, about the beginnings of what became one of CBS’s highest-rated series.

So now you know where I’ll be much of this weekend—on the couch with angels.

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