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A Spiritual Bond Reunites Old Friends

After 5 years apart, these very different friends learned how similar their spiritual lives had become.

Finding Inspiration Through Our Ancestors

Assistant editor Dan Hoffman learns to be inspired by his ancestors’ struggles.

The Aim of Being Aimless

Assistant Editor Dan Hoffman discovers a walk does wonders, but only if one wanders.

Nature’s Hidden Surprises

Penguins on a caterpillar and a smiling volcano remind us to look closer at the world.

Learning to Trust from a Hover Board

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Art Helps Us See Hidden Wonders

An art installation by Christo transforms the way we experience the world

6 Lessons in Love from a Cat

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The Light That Fights Crime in South Philly

A dark alleyway is transformed into art, thanks to a chance meeting at a holiday party.

The Positive Power of Humor

Assistant editor Dan Hoffman learns that a moment of laughter goes a long way toward breaking a bad mood.

Inspiring Fireworks in Space

Just in time for the 4th of July, the Hubble telescope spots a rare interstellar light show.