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The Role of Faith in Medicine

Assistant editor Dan Hoffman uses a philosophical “thought experiment” to better understand the case of the color-blind neuroscientist.

When Daily Life Holds a Mystery or Two

Assistant editor Dan Hoffman had a weird week of mysterious moments—what does it mean?

A World of Wonder Down Under

Our managing editor’s 3-week journey to Australia was full of Mysterious Ways

A Doctor’s Leap of Faith

Assistant Editor Dan Hoffman considers the ways doctors go beyond the logic of medicine.

Holding On to Dreams After Disappointment

Orve Allen never got to fly, but he helped others soar higher than anyone before.

‘Discovering’ Serendipity in Our Lives

Assistant Editor Dan Hoffman writes that serendipity might seem a pure matter of chance, but it may be something we can look for.

How To Win the Lottery

Don’t gamble on winning the jackpot—giving to others is a safer bet.

A Resolution: Finding Meaning in Suffering

Working at Mysterious Ways, Assistant Editor Dan Hoffman finds inspiration for a New Year’s Resolution.

The Hidden Power of Prayer

Science shows prayer works—just not in the way you’d expect, writes assistant editor Dan Hoffman.

Is Online Dating Mysterious?

Assistant Editor Dan Hoffman discovers stories of romance and mystery in digital matchmaking.