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Thief Caught In A Flash

Today on the web: The incredible story of a family that caught a thief in the act.

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A Guideposts Reader, In The Right Place

She rushed home to meet the realtor selling her house...but she ended up being a hero.

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Lost... and Found, With a Little Bit of Help

Sometimes, evidence of God's love comes in the form of finding something we thought we'd lost forever.

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My Family's Own Mysterious Ways

Of all the Mysterious Ways stories I've heard, the most powerful for me have been told by my own family.

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One Soldier's Amazing Survival Story

God's love protects a British soldier in Afghanistan... just as it protected his great-grandfather.

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A Miracle In Haiti

How one man's dream—and a late dinner—saved a group of Haitian orphans.

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Wrong Place, Right Time

He wanted a job as a paramedic again, but pizza delivery would have to do for now...

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Inspiring stories from the Holy Land

Journey to the Holy Land

There are hints of faith in every nook and cranny of the Holy Land.

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Destined for Each Other

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