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After a sneeze, praying beyond "bless you."

After ‘Achoo,’ a New Way to Pray

Once you say “bless you,” to someone who has sneezed, you can pray a step further.

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20 names for God in the Bible.

Pray God’s Names

The Bible includes 19 names for God. Does it matter which one you use when praying? 

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5 ways to pray like a monk

5 Ways That Monks Helped My Prayers

If you want to boost your prayer life, try learning from people who pray all day.

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How to start your day spiritually strong

How to Start Each Day Spiritually Strong

These Bible verses offer a vivid way to pray and start your day on a winning note.

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Pray while you drive.

Go on a Prayer Drive

Pour out your heart to God in the privacy of your own car.

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How to pray on Valentine's Day.

How to Pray on Valentine’s Day

Praying the Bible’s “love chapter” can work wonders–maybe more than chocolate or flowers!

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Pray now, not later.

Pray Now Instead of Later

I almost never promise to pray for someone. Not because I don’t care but because I do.

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Pray away winter.

Pray Away the Winter

When the cold and dark overwhelm, usher in a little Shakespearean summer via prayer.

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Make Jesus your prayer partner.

Make Jesus Your Prayer Partner

7 ways to pray according to His agenda

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Pray while shopping

6 Ways to Pray While Shopping

Hate to shop? Here’s how to make it a more spiritual experience.

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