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Spending Her Mornings with Jesus

A new devotional book reminds Angels on Earth Editor-in-Chief Colleen Hughes of her mother's dedication to God.

An Angelic Confirmation

Angels on Earth magazine paves the way for an aspiring writer.

A Grandfather's Encouragement

"Gramps" was a tireless promoter of all six of his grandchildren–even if it required a letter to the school principal.

A Glimpse of an Angel

Tanya Richardson, author of Heaven on Earth, loved the idea of angels. But did she really believe in them? 

Problem Solving Instead of Worrying

Worrying will have you going in circles, cautioned Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. But thinking will get you somewhere.

Celebrating Summer in the City

A beautiful summer's day in Manhattan inspires thoughts of poetry.

Angels on Earth Spreads Its Wings

Heavenly, earthly, inspirational–we've got angels galore on our Pinterest page gallery

Calling All Kitchen Angels!

What's for dinner? Angels on Earth magazine is looking for new recipes. Sends us yours!

Seeking a Believer in Angels

Mr. Former Hunter with the Albany postmark, please contact Angels on Earth magazine!

Angels on Earth Day

Four new earth-friendly habits you can acquire this year