Colleen Hughes

Colleen Hughes

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An Angel's Words of Comfort

A grieving sister is reassured after her brother's death.

A Feast Fit for Angels

Angels made in honor of those who feed and nourish their families year after year.

A Poem for Those Who Sew

A prayer from Angels on Earth that honors all stitchers and menders

An Angel on the Phone

A mysterious call leads to helping someone in need.

The Ripple Effect of an Act of Kindness

An angelic act of kindness that delighted two people–the giver and the receiver

An Early Easter Card from an Australian Angel

More proof that Angels on Earth has the best readers ever, near and far!

The Blessings in a Sneezing Fit

When she couldn't stop sneezing, an office angel's blessings gave her a new perspective.

Needing Angels More Than Ever

Reconnecting with a long-lost friend offers an opportunity to be an Earth angel.

Earth Angels Love Dogs

A beloved pet is protected by an angel behind the wheel.

Earth Angels Come Calling

When a cell phone lands in the toilet, earth angels come to the rescue.