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5 Wonders of Love Around the World

As we celebrate Valentine’s Day, here’s proof that God is the ultimate romantic.

A Miracle Just In Time

Faith in a mother’s love miraculously brings a Felix the Cat clock back to life.

A-to-Z Wonder from Space

An out of-this-world version of the ABC’s in NASA images of Earth taken from space

When Life Is Like a Maze

Take comfort that God can see it all, all those troublesome twists and turns.

A Miraculous Twin Bond

An amazing video shows pre-mature twins holding hands.

A Mother’s Heartwarming Goodbye

In several beats of the heart, a daughter witnesses enduring love.

What Australia’s Wedding Cake Rock Reveals About God

Why did God cook up a cliff in New South Wales to look like a piece of wedding cake?!

God Loves Us, Dents and All

A friend’s message reinforces the notion that we are cherished despite our faults.

Footsteps on the Beach

Remembering a tough 2015, praying for a blessed 2016

5 Tips for Looking at the World with Wonder

Author Monica Parker shares ways we can all view the world a bit differently -- more wonderfully.