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Choose What Breaks Your Heart

How God leads us to help certain people or places

Do You Have a Mysterious Moment?

Inspiration can come in teeny-tiny packages. Share your story of wonder, no matter how small, with us!

A Last-Place Runner's Surprising Finish

Never give up. One minute you can be behind the pack and the next...

The Inspiring Babson Boulders of Massachusetts

How one man went about spreading wonder in his part of the world

New Perspective After a Weight Loss Meltdown

When you can't see the big picture, God places people in your life who can.

A Surprising Promise of Spring

The weather isn’t playing along, but a daffodil sighting in an unlikely place is a sign of better things to come.

Look for Daily Miracles

Maybe God does care about the small breaks in life, like finding a parking space or a lost receipt

The Mysterious Power of Stories

How telling your story can heal or inspire someone else.

The Power of a Mother’s Intuition

How a mom’s gut feeling helped her young son take his first steps.

The Mother-Daughters Diet

All together now! A family joins forces to lose weight with some inspiration from The Biggest Loser.