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Be Prepared for a Rainstorm

Diana Aydin experiences a small wonder and is reminded that God is always protecting us.

God's Creation Is Endless

Just when we think we've discovered it all, God surprises us.

Why, God, Why?!

When looking to God for answers, Diana Aydin wonders if some of her biggest obstacles are really miracles in disguise.

Celebrating Through My Illness

Rejoicing even when the battle's not yet won? That’s my kind of celebration.  

Musician James Murphy Plans to Turn NYC Subway Sounds into a Beautiful Symphony

The LCD Soundsystem frontman wants to give a "sonic gift" to commuters.

The Miracles That Didn’t Happen

The things I didn’t write down turned out to be miracles. Experiences I could’ve never predicted a year ago.

A Dollar-Bill Miracle

How a name written on a dollar bill comforted a grieving widower.

What's a Miracle? You Tell Us.

When we asked you, our readers, to tell us what defines a miracle, the answers varied, but all were personal.

The Father of the Fourth of July?

According to George Washington's first inaugural address, we have God to thank for America’s birthday!

A Creative Leap of Faith

A "ridiculous" suggestion turns into something joyous, fun and exhilarating.