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Gratitude Challenge–Part 6

Giving thanks for new colleagues, old friends, kale salads and a quirky sweater.

Gratitude Challenge–Part 5

Thanks for Christmas crafts, exercise, red plaid blankets and mom's cooking

Gratitude Challenge–Part 4

Giving thanks for apples, best friends, MRIs, encouragement and improv!

Gratitude Challenge–Part 3

When you zero in on the small stuff, the thanks just flow.

Gratitude Challenge–Part 2

There's something to be said for a good night's sleep, coffee and laughs with friends and more!

The Gratitude Challenge–Part 1

Giving thanks isn’t just a nice idea. It's actually good for your health!

The Story that Sparked an Unexpected Friendship

From feeling out of place to finding a new friend.

A Halloween Mystery

How, exactly, did a pumpkin end up on top of a 173-foot tower at Cornell University? There's a lesson behind the mystery.

What Does God Look Like?

Kids from ages 4 to 12 share their ideas about the Big Man Upstairs in an illuminating new book.

A Gardening Lesson from God

How God is like a loving gardener, always pulling up weeds and helping us become something new