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Transform Your Life Today

5 ways to choose consciously, wisely, honestly and with happiness.

Mistakes Lead to Surprising Lessons

Falling asleep at work seemed like the worst possible thing, but it led to a reassuring reminder.

Sunset: Look for Beauty Every Day

A stunning sunset reminds us not to overlook the beauty in our lives.

The Power of the Twin Bond

In miraculous timing, twin sisters give birth on the same day and at the same time of day!

God’s Credit Card

A just-in-time reminder of His unlimited resources and kindness

A Letter from Heaven Written in Chalk

Have you ever found a mysterious message in an unlikely place, like on an office wall?

The Message Behind Scars

They may not be attractive, but they can represent signs of healing.

Finding Wonders Everywhere

Even after moving from one place to another, some things never change.

Heart-Shaped Signs of Love

Heart-shaped signs of love show up in the most mysterious places

The Health Benefits of the Beach

Good news for summer! Study shows there’s something good about being near water.