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Finding Beauty in Your Own Backyard

You often don’t have to travel far to find something of wonder.

An Inspiration Prescription for a Stressful Day

Take a breath, hit the pause button. Then watch this stunning video of Psalm 53 being sung in Aramaic before Pope Francis.

Learning to Appreciate the Small Moments

Visiting an elderly mother with dementia, a daughter experiences a small moment of wonder.

Blessings and Wonders Right Under Your Nose

A forgotten yellow cardigan, gifted a few years ago, now brightens up a work week

Has God Ever Talked to You?

Has He ever spoken to you with a word or a nudge or an encounter? Tell us!

How a Tea Set Led to Healing

Years after leaving an abusive relationship, a gift ushers in forgiveness.

Celebrate a Holiday Each Day of the Year

Nothing puts a little pep in your step like National Cream-Filled Doughnut Day.

Slow Down and Savor the Season of Fall

A prayer to help you contemplate the transformative wonders of autumn.

A Place Just Like Heaven

A busy transit hub in Manhattan that encourages divine feelings

Finding Peace After Rejection

Have you ever felt left out or rejected? Here's a helpful reminder of the one place where you'll always belong.