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A Father Speaks to His Daughter from Heaven

Today's miracle from guest blogger Arlene Shovald tells the story of a series of miraculous signs.

Do You See God's Face in the Clouds?

A colleague experiences a miracle while at an open-air church service in Long Island

How Can You Spot a Sign from God?

Even it seems like a sign from God only to you, trust your gut!

God's Glory Illuminated by Rare Fire Rainbow

The sky of South Carolina lights up with a wondrous sight.

Can You Solve the Mystery of a 13th Century Sword?

The River Witham Sword in Britain bears a mysterious inscription in an unknown language. Is it about saints and the Holy Trinity?

How God Sees Things

Flying home from vacation, the view from 30,000 feet puts all the worries and fears of the day in perspective.

When You're Lost, God Finds You

How one woman navigated through a hospital of endless doors, elevators and stairwells, then stumbled upon a beautiful sight.

How Can You Spot a Sign from God?

Diana Aydin wonders what really makes something a message from above.

Be Prepared for a Rainstorm

Diana Aydin experiences a small wonder and is reminded that God is always protecting us.

God's Creation Is Endless

Just when we think we've discovered it all, God surprises us.