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A Place Just Like Heaven

A busy transit hub in Manhattan that encourages divine feelings

Finding Peace After Rejection

Have you ever felt left out or rejected? Here's a helpful reminder of the one place where you'll always belong.

Is This the Most Romantic Photo of All Time?

A photo of a bride and groom at sunset is going viral. Here's the story behind the wondrous shot.

A Rainbow Over the World Trade Center

Guideposts editor Diana Aydin was at the right place at the right time to see a wondrous sign from God.

The Beauty in Mistakes

Instead of hiding behind perfection, what if we found joy in our mistakes?

The Miracle of Gratitude

After being diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease, this guest blogger found 12 lessons in her struggle that keep her grateful.

A Divinely Discovered Hotel Deal

Looking for a nice hotel in Rome was getting expensive, but a misspelled Google search yielded a divine deal.

Adorable Stubby Squid Breaks the Internet

Watch the viral video of the amazing creature these scientists stumbled upon on the ocean floor.

A Divine Encounter on the Subway

Have you ever received an unusual message from a complete stranger?

What’s the Aramaic Word for Love?

The most important concept in the language of Jesus