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A Divine Encounter on the Subway

Have you ever received an unusual message from a complete stranger?

What’s the Aramaic Word for Love?

The most important concept in the language of Jesus

The Jesus Year

Turning 33 and making it the best year possible.

5 Characteristics of the Last Words of the Dying

In Part 2, linguist Lisa Smartt uncovers patterns of speech that reveal more about life after death.

5 Ways to Respond to the Last Words of the Dying

In Part 3, linguist Lisa Smartt shares some wisdom for family, friends and caregivers.

The Words of the Dying–Part 1

Her father's death moves a linguist to explore the meaning of the mysterious final words of the dying.

How a Leap of Faith Led to Faithbox

When God calls, some big acts of wonder can follow.

The Unbelievable Comfort of the Psalms

When you’re feeling overwhelmed or running out of patience, these Bible verses will help.

Transform Your Life Today

5 ways to choose consciously, wisely, honestly and with happiness.

Mistakes Lead to Surprising Lessons

Falling asleep at work seemed like the worst possible thing, but it led to a reassuring reminder.