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Mara Measor: The Power of Prayer Doodles

A young woman emerges from depression with a book of prayers and drawings.

Scotland’s Secret Book Sculptures

It’s amazing, really, how one person can add so much wonder to the world.

Why Is God Calling Me to Ireland?

A series of signs point a Mysterious Ways editor and her sisters to a particular place–Ireland.

An Incredibly Fabulous Pink Dolphin

With a pink dolphin in the world, anything is possible! What else is out there?

9/11 Miracle: The Little Chapel That Survived

Just steps from Ground Zero, how St. Paul's Chapel withstood the attack on the World Trade Center towers

God, the Greatest Matchmaker Ever

Take a tip from Matt Damon–it’s not luck bringing people together against all odds. It’s God.

Advice to a Younger You

If you're in your 20s and spazzing out over life, take some advice from a 32-year-old: chill. God has your back.

A Father Speaks to His Daughter from Heaven

Today's miracle from guest blogger Arlene Shovald tells the story of a series of miraculous signs.

Do You See God's Face in the Clouds?

A colleague experiences a miracle while at an open-air church service in Long Island

How Can You Spot a Sign from God?

Even it seems like a sign from God only to you, trust your gut!