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An otherworldly glow in the photo

The Otherworldly Glow in the Photo

A departed sister lets her family know that she's still up to her old tricks, even from heaven.

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Waiting at the doctor's office
God's Grace

A Little Sign in the Waiting Room

A surprising but familiar sight comforts an anxious Guideposts editor at the doctor's office.

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Quotes about light following darkness
Stories of Hope

14 Quotes About Light That Follows Darkness

If you've had a tough week, reminders that miracles do appear after storms

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Gift of a quilt from a soul friend

The Gift of the Mysterious Quilt

Do you have a soul friend, someone who brings a bit of a miracle into your life everytime you talk?

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Write down 3 good things a day.
Positive Thinking

3 Good Things a Day

An extra calendar provides inspiration for practicing gratitude on a daily basis.

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A Photo on the Shores of Galilee

Have you ever been transformed by a spiritual place or travels to somewhere far, far away?

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Sensing the invisible world
God's Grace

Where Do You Sense ‘The Invisible World’?

Seeing hints of the sacred in nature or solitude, sometimes in an act of kindness.

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An Advent challenge
Inspiring Stories

Help Us With an Advent Challenge

Looking for new ways to bring a little light into the world each day of Advent

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God's Grace

Lost and Found in Portugal

Even when you lose your way, God will lead you exactly where you need to be.

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Dreaming of Denmark
Inspiring Stories

Mysterious Dreams of Denmark

For someone who rarely remembers her dreams, this far-away country poses a puzzle.

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