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The miracle of you.

The Miracle of YOU!

Sometimes I search far and wide for a miracle and completely forget that my very existence is pretty miraculous already.

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A silver locket cements a divinely inspired friendship.

The Best Friends Locket

How a divinely inspired friendship led to a miraculous domino effect

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Aspire to inspire others
Inspiring Stories

Aspire to Inspire Others

Your personal experience and story may touch one person–or even thousands.

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The perfect gift
God's Grace

Finding the Perfect Greeting Card

Have you ever been divinely nudged to buy a gift that turned out to be the best possible choice?

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What Does a Miracle Look Like to You?
Inspiring Stories

Where You Can Find a Miracle

An old leather suitcase embodies the dreams and hopes of a family.

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Treasures at a museum
Stories of Faith

An Afternoon Spent with Ancient Treasure

A museum full of wonders links generations past and present.

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Lisa Miller
Living Longer, Living Better

Ask An Expert About the Science of Faith

Bestselling author Dr. Lisa Miller will be here to discuss the health benefits of leading a spiritual life.

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How to feel gratitude when you have allergies
Life Advice

The Allergies Gratitude List

When you're not feeling well, try a dose of gratitude! You'll be surprised at the results.

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The mistake that led to a miracle of light.
God's Grace

A Commuter's Mistake Brings a Wonderful Discovery

A missed subway connection leads to something better, appreciating the work of painter J.M.W. Turner.

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An animal lover helps a pigeon with her nest
Inspiring Stories

A Pigeon Picks the Perfect Person

An animal lover supports a resourceful pigeon in starting her family.

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