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A good message for a bad hair day
Inspiring Stories

Hope on a Bad Hair Day

A grumpy morning turns bright with an unexpected and delightful sidewalk sign.

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10 food miracles
God's Grace

10 Times God Spoke Through Food

Delectable food miracles from a slice of pie to a shared cronut to a giant tomato. Yum and Amen!

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Acts of kindness for Lent
Motivational Stories

Adding in a Little Goodness This Lent

In addition to giving something up, why not practice daily acts of kindness?

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Love stories at the beach

Trading Love Stories at the Beach

Family stories of true love fill a daughter’s romantic heart with hope.

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What love really means on Valentine's Day
God's Grace

A Valentine’s Day “Coincidence”

Proof that love is a mysterious, miraculous thing that connects us all.

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God's promise of hope
Answered Prayers

When God Speaks to Us in Our Dreams

A rainbow and a promise appear to one young woman while sleeping–and awake.

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A grandmother's drawing comes to life.

A Drawing Come to Life

A grandmother creates a winter wonderland for her grandsons–and herself.

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How did you find your favorite place to worship?
Stories of Faith

A Chance Church Encounter

In a new neighborhood, finding a spiritual home that feels just right.

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Finding a beach day in the middle of winter
Stories of Hope

The Wonders of Winter

How a gray, cold, city day morphed into a warm and wonderful sight

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Mysterious numbers
God's Grace

Do Numbers Have Meaning?

Has a particular number ever taken on a special significance for you?

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