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A Mother’s Love

Sometimes it’s the only thing on earth that can save us

How Boundaries Can Set Us Free

Training a golden retriever on an underground electric fence offers larger lessons on life.

In the Steps of Jesus

How a former altar boy rediscovered the Stations of the Cross while traveling in Jerusalem

Weekends Are for Pets

A busy editor shoves aside a writing project to make time for his dog, Gracie.

In God’s Eyes

During Black History Month, let’s remember that human beings are far more alike than they 
are different.

Typewriter Artist: The Inspiring Story of Paul Smith

Against all odds, a man of incredible genius and faith thrives creatively.

A Doggie New Year's Resolution

Edward Grinnan shares some unusual New Year’s resolutions---his dog’s.

Puppy Love

She's adorable when not chewing up everything in sight–wait, where's the TV remote??

After Paris–Faith vs. Fear

In the days after the attacks in Paris, understanding that God's power is greater than fear.

The Inspirational Puppy

I felt something inside me give, something that had been clenched since the moment Millie died.