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Typewriter Artist: The Inspiring Story of Paul Smith

Against all odds, a man of incredible genius and faith thrives creatively.

A Doggie New Year's Resolution

Edward Grinnan shares some unusual New Year’s resolutions---his dog’s.

Puppy Love

She's adorable when not chewing up everything in sight–wait, where's the TV remote??

After Paris–Faith vs. Fear

In the days after the attacks in Paris, understanding that God's power is greater than fear.

The Inspirational Puppy

I felt something inside me give, something that had been clenched since the moment Millie died. 

Remembering the Love of a Pet

What seemed to be an infuriating computer glitch at the moment of a pet's passing turned out to be something else.

Losing a Pet After a Golden Summer

Saying goodbye to a beloved golden girl, Millie

Do Our Pets Go to Heaven?

I find it hard to believe that God could contrive a paradise that would be missing some of our best friends.

Welcoming Pope Francis to America with Respect

Not everyone is going to agree with every pope or everything a particular pope says. But can’t we all agree to treat each other with civility?

Millie the Dog: My Angel of Inspiration

Pets are earthly angels, gifts from God to inspire us and bring us joy, wonder and pure love.