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Called to serve in the military.

When God Calls You to a Task

Being in the middle of God’s will doesn’t exempt us from struggle or difficulty. But you’re never alone.

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Simplify your to do list.

How to Simplify Your ‘To Do’ List

When you say “yes” to everything, what’s important takes a back seat. Some thoughts on time management, learned from the military.

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A military mom returns home after deployment.

How Faith Keeps Hope Alive

Military families know that hope takes work and perseverance, especially when a loved one is deployed.

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A military mom's faith overcomes doubt.

Letting Joy Defeat Dread

During her son’s last weeks of deployment, an anxious military mom learns to let her faith take charge.

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Appreciating military spouses.

Appreciating Military Spouses

They aren’t on the front lines, but they are the backbone of our military and deserve all the recognition and gratitude we can give.

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Remembering those wounded in war

How to Support Silver Star Families

Military veterans wounded in a war zone and their families need our help.

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May is National Military Appreciation Month.

Military Appreciation Month: 5 Ways to Honor Military Families

During National Military Appreciation Month, 5 ways you can honor and support the families of those who serve.

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Mother holding hands with son

The Hands of My Son

A military mom’s memories of a son who grew from a boy to a Marine.

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Hidden military heroes in your community.

Hidden Military Heroes in Your Community

If you don’t think you know anyone in service, here are 4 ways to take a closer look. You may be surprised.

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Helping military kids.

How to Help Military Children

When a loved one serves in the military, don’t overlook the family kids left at home.

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