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Honoring the Military’s Gold Star Mothers

Shining a light on the sacrifice and service of mothers who have lost a child in battle

Surviving Adversity, Finding Beauty

As in nature, seasons of stress can produce outcomes of beauty and hope. 

The Comfort of Psalm 23

In the face of stress and fear, God will provide food and rest.

The Beauty in Adversity

Sometimes, it's the cold, dark nights that lead to the most beautiful mornings.

Why You Should Handwrite a Letter to Someone You Love

In this digital age, a handwritten letter can mean everything to the recipient.

Honoring Our Troops as Someone's Child

This military mom wants us all to remember something about our troops; though they're all adults, they're still someone's babies.

The Lesson of Patriots' Day

A military mom reflects on 9/11.

How to Treat Our Troops When They Come Home from Deployment

A military mom's advice for embracing our returning troops with patience, love and compassion.

Decoding Military Terms: A Guide for Families and Loved Ones

This military mom offers a helpful guide to understanding military acronyms, abbreviation and slang.

How to Adopt a Soldier

This school year, teach your kids how to make care packages for our troops.