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What Is a Blue Star Memorial Highway?

Many of our nation's roadways are dedicated to those in the military who sacrificed so much.

Honoring Parents in the Military

On Parents' Day, remember those who have worked to make our country safe for all families.

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Finding Military Discounts and Special Offers

That summer outing or vacation may be within reach if you do a little research. Here are 6 places to start.

How to Prepare for a Crisis

Here are 2 questions to ask yourself when storms come.

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After a child enlists in the military, you may find yourself developing talents you never knew you had!

Why Some Military Veterans Prefer a Quiet 4th of July

For those who served in combat zones, fireworks can bring back stressful memories. Here are some options for a more serene celebration.

God’s Armor for Soldier and Civilian Alike

When it comes to protection, we need strength as well as flexibility. God provides both.

The Spiritual Battle of War

For military and civilians alike, images of conflict around the world fill our lives. There are also spiritual struggles to wage.