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Is God on Your To-Do List?

Military moms: If your days spin by on autopilot, here's a Bible verse to help make God a priority.

What Stands Between You and God?

God's power needs to flow freely through you. Make sure nothing is standing in its way.

Are You in a Prayer Rut?

If your prayers are eliciting no emotion, no peace, it's time to make some changes.

Are You Looking to God for Marching Orders?

Do you really want God to give you a map? Or do you want to grow spiritually?

Peace Beyond Circumstances–A Dream Come True?

True peace is the confidence that no matter what battles rage around us, we–and those we love–are safe.

Tips for Military Families on Dealing with Deployment

When you change your deployment mindset you can do more than just endure–you can thrive.

Whom Shall I Fear

A military mom overcomes fear when she remembers that God is in charge.

Why Does God Allow Bad Things to Happen?

Edie Melson finds comfort in God's ways being too great to understand.

Get Specific When You Pray to God

Dig deep and go into great detail when you talk to God.

Living with Open Arms

In times of uncertainty, don’t shut down, reach out to others.