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Edie Melson

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Boot Camp Prayers

When Edie Melson's son joined the Marines, she turned to prayer to cope with the wrenching separation.

When I Just Feel Angry

Anger is, really, just another emotion. Here's what you can learn from it.

Be Thankful for Today

Don't fast-forward through life. Notice the joyful moments each day.

With God, All Prayers Matter

The truth is that God cares about everything that you care about.

Helping Yourself by Helping Others

When we want to shut down and sit alone in our misery, God may have other plans.

A Soldier's Legacy of Courage

In a military family, courage extends to spouses, children, parents, siblings and partners.

The Righteousness of God

He offers us strength beyond measure without weighing us down.

A Military Family's Perspective on 9/11

An 8th grader makes a solemn vow to serve his country on that day.

A Military Mom's Prayer for Her Soldier

How Edie Melson found comfort when her son was deployed.

7 Tips for Finding Spiritual Victory

Victory rarely comes by accident. Following God’s path takes deliberate planning.