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Get Specific When You Pray to God

Dig deep and go into great detail when you talk to God.

Living with Open Arms

In times of uncertainty, don’t shut down, reach out to others.

Willing to Be Obedient

Edie Melson learns how God blesses others when she is obedient to His call.

Be Prepared for Life's Storms

Edie Melson offers 5 tips to prepare for the inevitable storms of life.

3 Ways to Stay Positive

Staying positive can be hard when there's so much negativity around. Here's some tips on what to absorb and what to avoid.

3 Positive Filters for Life

Depending on what filters I apply to situations, I can make them appear bright or dreary.

A Military Mom Walks by Faith

Four lessons learned by a military mom when faith was all she had.

Soldiers and PTSD; Once Lost, Now Found

If a military loved one returns home a stranger, have faith. God will return what is lost.

Independence Day for Military Families

The Fourth of July represents real sacrifices from real people in the military community.

A Military Mom Struggles with God's Will

When my son was assigned to Korea, for the life of me, I couldn't pray for God's will to be done.