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A military mom copes with her son being away on his birthday.

The Birthday We Spent Apart

A military mom learns how to celebrate her son’s birthday when he’s deployed.

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Military family enjoying time at home

3 Ways to Cope When Life Is Disrupted

For military families, schedules and plans can change in an instant. Here’s how to manage.

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How to help single parents in a military family

4 Ways to Help Single-Parent Military Families

Deployment forces single-parenthood on a military family. How to become a blessing in that scenario.

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The American Legion celebrates its 98th anniversary.

Happy Birthday, American Legion

Chartered by Congress 98 years ago, here are 5 notable accomplishments by a great organization that helps our military veterans.

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No man left behind.

No One Left Behind

It’s a phrase that began on the field of combat but now carries meaning for all of us in daily life.

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K9 Veterans Day honors our military dogs.

Remembering Our Military Dogs

March 13 is K9 Veterans Day! We remember our four-legged service members.

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5 ways to fight negativity

5 Tips to Be More Positive

By filling up on the good stuff, there’s less room for the negative.

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Finding hope in the Bible

Turning to the Bible for Hope

When her son is deployed, an anxious military mom reads the book of Psalms and finds solace.

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Longing for a military son far away on deployment

Longing for a Son Far Away

As a military mom yearns for her son to be home and safe, God reassures her.

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A military mom comes to truly appreciate the national anthem.

Standing with My Son

A military mom comes to understand what our national anthem truly means.

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