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Letting God Change Us

A military mom learns to accept–and appreciate–the changes in her son after his first deployment.

8 Ways to Keep Our Spirit in Shape

Just as there's exercise for a healthy body, there's exercise for a healthy soul.

Finding a Profound Sense of Peace

A tearful military mom, wracked with worry, experiences a sudden rush of comfort from God.

How to Enjoy Family Time Despite Deployment

Here are 4 reasons not to postpone having fun as a family, even when a loved one is away. 

An Ongoing Conversation with God

To get the help and support you need, check in with Him on a regular basis.

New Year’s Organizing Tips for Military Families

4 ways to cut back on stress by being ready for sudden changes in the year ahead

A Military Mom Learns to Listen

How a frustrating lunch with a son heading to boot camp turned into a wonderful lesson.

Joy from a Stranger

In a crowded grocery store line, a kind gesture blesses both giver and receiver.

Trusting in God’s Provision

How a military family learns to be prepared for that midnight phone call to mobilize.

No Substitute for a Hug at Christmas

For a military family with a loved one away at Christmas, open your arms.