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Blogger Edie Melson with her Marines Corp son, Jimmy.
Military Outreach Stories

10 Things You Need to Know to Be a Successful Marine Corps Mom

With God's direction, how to provide the love and support your soldier needs.

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A Blue Star Theatre event

Is There a Blue Star Theatre Near You?

Another way God uses communities to remind service men and women that they are not forgotten!

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Military family blogger Edie Melson

The Importance of Enjoyment

To better cope with deployment, take care of yourself while your soldier is away. 

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Military family blogger Edie Melson

Boots on the Ground

It's only in the middle of a conflict do you get the information you need to succeed.

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Jimmy as a toddler learning to walk with the family dog, Sherlock.

Holding on Tight

A family dog offers insights into how God walks beside us, step by step.

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Ginger Harrington in the middle of unpacking.

On the Altar of Change

For military families–or all families–moving can be God's training tool for learning to embrace change.

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Live today like he deploys tomorrow.

Live Today Like He Deploys Tomorrow

Learn the difference between forcing good times and just letting them happen by becoming an opportunity maker.

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Blogger Edie Melson

Strength to Make it Through

How God’s Word was the life preserver that rescued me from an ocean of fear.

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The American flag in the sun.

Daylight Challenges

The nights may be long, but sometimes it's the daylight hours you have to watch out for.

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Military family financial advisor Ellie Kay

Pre-Deployment Financial Checklist (Part 2)

Here's a continuing list of financial and legal actions to take to protect you and your family before deployment. 

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