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How colors affect your emotions.

The Emotional Impact of Color

Becoming aware of how colors affect your emotions can help you live a more positive life.

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Pruning fruit trees

The Spring-Cleaning Job I Look Forward to Most

“Remove to renew” is a guiding principle in my tiny fruit orchard as well as in my life.

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Cheap ways to practice self-care

3 Free and Easy Ways to Practice Self-Care

A positive lifestyle includes practices that nurture and love the self, no expensive appointments required. 

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Recipes that use lemon. Lemon roast chicken.

Recipe: The Lemony Pleasures of Spring Cooking

Lemon is the flavor I crave most when spring is approaching. Let its zing wake up your meals from morning to night.

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Getting the flu on vacation. How to make the best of it.

The Peaceful Side of Flu on Vacation

The flu set in right as my plane touched down in Florida. Here’s how I preserved my inner peace while I recovered.

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How to clean out your closet

The Great Closet Clean-Out

A close look at my wardrobe became a lesson in how to let go—and when to hold on.

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How to enjoy sugar in moderation

3 Tips for Enjoying Sugar in Moderation

Sugar isn’t exactly a health food, but eating sweets smartly can be part of a joy-filled life.

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5 ways to treat dry winter skin.

5 Ways to Prevent Dry Skin in Winter

‘Tis the season for dry winter skin. Try these home remedies to feel fresh and hydrated this winter.

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5 ways to calm your mind

5 Ways to Calm Your Mind

The buzz of everyday life can make us forget what it feels like to be at peace. Take the time to reconnect with your calmness.

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Warming beans and greens soup

Recipe: Warming Beans and Greens Soup

This soup is seasonal, satisfying and the definition of comfort food.

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