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Blessings for parents of teens

Blessings for All Parents

Words of comfort for those anxious about troubled teens

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Life beyond depression.

Living Beyond Depression

I choose to be thankful that my son is in a better place emotionally today than he was before.

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What to ask God.

A Key Question for God

On those really bad, terrible days, here’s a way to deal with your predicament.

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How forgiveness and parenting work together.

How Parenting and Forgiveness Work Together

Forgiveness is about my heart, while parenting is about shaping the heart of my daughter.

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Stuck in traffic.

Stress Isn’t Forever

A traffic jam isn’t forever; uncertainty isn’t forever; even suffering isn’t forever.

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Why you should praywhen you can't sleep.

When You Can’t Sleep, Pray

Every hour of the day belongs to the Lord, even those when you’re half-awake.

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Getting through the day with grace.

Getting Through the Day with Grace

It is in the present that God wants you alive, focused, faithful.

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Treating yourself with compassion during Lent

Giving Up Self-Criticism for Lent

Learning to see yourself through God's eyes–as loving, worthy and deserving of compassion

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Putting a lid on fear and anger

Putting a Lid on Fear and Anger

A pause and a prayer help a mom deal with a tense situation.

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Daily Devotionals blogger Julia Attaway

6 Silent Devotions

Show God you love him—without words—by embracing these simple acts of devotion.

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