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Ask God to change your mind
Stories of Faith

Feeling Stressed? Ask God to Change Your Mind

Instead of asking God to change what's happening in the moment, sometimes it's spiritually healthier to accept temporary, uncomfortable situations.

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Urban gardening
Stories of Faith

How Overcoming Procrastination Led to A 'Fabulous' Day

She dreaded weeding in New York City, but she made a surprising connection.

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When to pray
Pray Effectively

When Is the Best Time to Pray?

Right now, as it turns out. Whether you are in chaos or quiet.

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Saying the Lord's Prayer
Power of Prayer

Going Back to Basics with the Lord’s Prayer

If you put yourself first when you pray, here's how to get your priorities back in order.

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Woman reading a book
Positive Living

The Benefits of Taking a Break from Social Media

A vacation from envy of what others have and finding total contentment in what God has provided.

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Picking up trash
Positive Living

Acts of Kindness That Only God Sees

Simple, thoughtful acts that make the world a little bit better.

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Woman feeling grateful
Positive Living

What Would You Miss If It Suddenly Went Away?

Maybe it’s time to notice all the blessings in your life at this very moment.

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Married couple cooking together

Marriage as a Recipe for Holiness

We toss ourselves into the mix, add our own spices, stir up our souls and learn from our mistakes.

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Woman taking a deep breath to calm down
Prayer Stories

How to Calm Yourself Down

When you're swimming in a sea of stress, it's hard to pray. Take a deep breath...

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Friends at the beach

The Enduring Power of Friendship

The care and faith of a group of friends carries a family through a dark and terrible time.

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