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Letting God Do His Work as We Do Ours

Most of God’s work happens quietly, changing hearts and minds and lives in ways we can’t see.

Try a Different Point of View

It’s good for the heart to put some effort into seeing the world from different angles.

The Reward of Giving Back

A mom takes a self-centered tween to help out at a soup kitchen and witnesses an attitude change.

Drink Up!

When tired and exhausted, remember that every cell in your being craves the "living water" of faith.

Wandering in the Wilderness

Will it take 40 years to figure out that God is with you on the journey?

Giving Thanks for Good Things

When things go right, don’t just breathe a sigh of relief. Give thanks to God.

Leaving Your Comfort Zone

Happy, comfortable situations only show us one way to love God.

Lord, It’s Time for a Miracle

A mother’s plea for her daughter to be guided to love, comfort and mercy

Giving God a Break

Lightening up the prayer requests on Shabbat

Finding Understanding When a Friend Lets You Down

When a friend disappoints you, remember to take a closer look at the situation for clues.