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What to do when you're annoyed.
Prayer Stories

When Others Get on Your Nerves

An annoying distraction in church leads to some insight–and wisdom.

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A daughter supports a mother at church.
Inspiring Stories

A Stunningly Beautiful Gesture in Church

Witnessing the tenderness of support between a disabled mother and her daughter at the communion rail.

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3 steps toward self-respect
Life Advice

3 Steps Toward Self-Respect

Self-respect requires a good amount of self-knowledge, and the fastest way to that is prayer.

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Sizing up a problem
Motivational Stories

Putting a Problem in Perspective

Big feelings do not necessarily equal big problems.

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When God wants you to stay put.
Faith and Prayer

Does God Want You to Stay Put?

Learning to be thankful for the circumstances that you’re in.

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Instead of complaining

Instead of Complaining...

We can decide if we want to make a situation in life better or worse.

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How to begin again on a bad day.

How Faith Can Reboot a Bad Day

When your week gets off to a rough start, begin again with the calming influence of prayer.

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Words of comfort for those who suffer.
Life Advice

Words of Comfort for Those Who Suffer

A Bible verse from 1 Peter joins us more closely to Christ.

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Take life one step at a time.
Motivational Stories

The Wisdom of Taking One Step at a Time

We don’t need to add tomorrow to our worries.

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God's message during a concert
Power of Prayer

God’s Message During a Concert

An audience distraction fails to get in the way of prayer and understanding.

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