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Wandering in the Wilderness

Will it take 40 years to figure out that God is with you on the journey?

Giving Thanks for Good Things

When things go right, don’t just breathe a sigh of relief. Give thanks to God.

Leaving Your Comfort Zone

Happy, comfortable situations only show us one way to love God.

Lord, It’s Time for a Miracle

A mother’s plea for her daughter to be guided to love, comfort and mercy

Giving God a Break

Lightening up the prayer requests on Shabbat

Finding Understanding When a Friend Lets You Down

When a friend disappoints you, remember to take a closer look at the situation for clues.

How to Regain Your Balance in 5 Words or Less

If you’re weary or struggling, sad or overwhelmed, comfort is only a few words away.

The Most Amazing Friends in the World

A network of support helps an emotionally exhausted mom keep her head above water.

An Unexpected Gift of Prayer

In the midst of our own trials, an unexpected point of light is seeing others in need and praying for them.

Parenting Like Christ

The challenges of raising children offer plenty of opportunities to be like Him.