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What Nurtures Your Soul? And What Distracts?

What brings us joy rather than pleasure? What truly nourishes our hearts?

Scheduling Lessons from the Pope

If your prayer life is rich, anything on a day's crowded agenda can be God's work.

Getting Angry at God

How venting can lead to a better place. God can take it.

Faith and Making Tough Choices

As people of faith we are called to make decisions first and foremost on the basis of what honors God.

Why God Wants Us to Reach Out

God doesn't want us to stay stuck, our faces buried in the dirt from sorrow and grief.

Annoyances Are Not the Whole Story

Annoyed? You could be overlooking something in the thankfulness department.

Stop Tearing Down God's Creation

Would Jesus speak to you the way you sometimes speak to yourself?

Seeing Through the Eyes of Jesus

What to do when an unChristian thought or label comes to mind...

Blessing Those Who Move On

It can be sad when people we love move away from us, but we must trust God to place each of us where we need to be.

Hurt People Need Love Too

In this devotion, Julia Attaway learns from Christ's example in order to have empathy for those who hurt others and themselves.