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Child stuck behind fence.
Stories of Faith

Seeing a Problem from a Different Perspective

How a spiritual approach can help you figure a way out of a tight spot.

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Stories of Faith

What Mary Did–And Didn’t Do

The mother of Jesus held strong in her faith despite the unknown and eventual heartbreak.

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Couple arguing

Making Better Choices

In the heat of anger, how to step back and get a better perspective on the situation

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Burst pipe
Prayer Stories

A Problem To Be Grateful For

Learning to tell the difference between an inconvenience and a crisis

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Feelings pass
Life Advice

How to Transform Negative Feelings

Most pain, sadness and fear have almost nothing to do with God. This too shall pass.

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Praying for others
Power of Prayer

Expanding Our Prayers

Making an effort to pray for others when I'm hurting has a unique benefit.

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Can't stand the suffering?
Inspiring Stories

Can’t Stand the Suffering?

Maybe you can’t. Or maybe you don’t want to. Jesus gave us a way to tell the difference.

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Comforting a loved one in the hospital
Coping With Illness

The Possible in an Impossible Situation

We often can’t control an outcome, but we can still play an important role.

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Live for today
Life Advice

Rejoice in Today

Own today, rest in it, be thankful for it. Tomorrow will be what tomorrow will be.

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First day of high school

First Day of High School

A mom reflects on a son's road to adulthood.

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