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Shut down anger by closing your computer
Emotional and Mental Health

How to Stop Feeding Anger

Closing your computer and noticing the world around you can be a wondrous thing.

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God's gifts are freely given but still require work on our part.
Positive Living

God-Given Gifts Still Require Work

The gifts of talent, prayer and even faith are free. But there’s effort involved on our part.

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How to deal with irritation using your faith.
Emotional and Mental Health

4 Constructive Ways to Deal with Irritation

Anything that drives you nuts can drive you to God

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In death, the sweet with the bitter
Managing Life Changes

The Sweet with the Bitter

In the face of a family death, a mom passes along a gift to the next generation.

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Shrugging off fear and embracing God's will.
Emotional and Mental Health

Shrugging Off Fear

Once you embrace “Thy will be done,” all burdens become lighter.

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How to teach our kids to cope and rebound from disappointment.

Teaching Our Kids to Cope

When it comes to disappointment, how teenagers can learn to pivot and rebound through faith.

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Put your faith to better use.
Pray Effectively

Putting Our Faith to Better Use

Sometimes no act of God is required. Just pray to make a greater effort with what you’ve got. 

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What does it really mean to "let go and let God?"
Stories of Faith

What Does 'Let Go and Let God' Really Mean?

God's will may test us in ways that are difficult to contemplate.

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bite your tongue
Emotional and Mental Health

Why You Should Bite Your Tongue

When your inner voice is screaming, something better is waiting beyond the noise.

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comforting routine
Daily Devotions

A Comforting Routine for Dealing with Grief

In times of pain and confusion, Jesus offered a routine to keep us going.

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