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What to do when fear and panic stop us.
Emotional and Mental Health

When Fear Stops Us

In distress, turn to the Lord. What feels impossible will become possible.

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How to trust God.
Positive Living

How To Trust God

Take it from the Israelites in Exodus, flexibility is key.

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A worried mother hands her grief to God over a daughter's illness and anorexia.
Adult Children

Handing Grief Over to God

As a daughter struggles with a life-threatening illness, a mother hands her battered heart to God.

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How to wait on God while waiting in line.
Positive Living

6 Ways to Wait on God While Waiting in Line

Not a minute of our time is wasted when we're connecting with the Lord.

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Do you give God advice when you pray?
Pray Effectively

Giving God Advice

Do you ever find yourself explaining to God what needs to be done?

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Getting ready for Christmas by tending to my soul, by Guideposts blogger Julia Attaway.
Daily Devotions

Tending to the Potholes in My Soul

Getting ready for Christmas in a different way.

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Despite a daughter's anorexia, a mother still finds something to be thankful for at Thanksgiving.

Giving Thanks in the Darkness

Despite a daughter's life-threatening illness, there is still gratitude. There is still light.

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A mom realizes she cannot protect her kids from life's struggles, but she can pray for them.
Pray Effectively

A Mom Grows from Her Kids' Struggles

Realizing that parents can't fight their children's battles for them

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What do you have a surplus of? Here's how to share it.
People Helping People

When God Gives You More Than You Need

What to do when you have a surplus of something

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How a small, wooden cross helped Guideposts blogger Julia Attaway get through a difficult situation.
Power of Prayer

Getting Through a Difficult Situation

My cross was small, I mused. And Christ's was huge.

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