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Michelle Medlock Adams

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Do Your Part So God Can Do His

If you've been waiting for God to do something extraordinary in your life, ask Him what part He wants you to play.

Persimmon Pudding—Yes, Please!

What's for dessert? A delicious fall favorite from the Midwest.

Love Letters from God

The Bible is filled with precious promises, words of hope and wisdom, and the answers to any question we’ll ever have. 

Your Heavenly Father–The Perfect Dad

Seek Him out, and you'll find that He is the answer to every need that you have.

The True Value of Earthly Treasures

A late father's lessons about what makes for real riches has lasted a lifetime.

Positive Thoughts for Every Challenge

God can help you see your situation with faith, not fear, and a positive attitude.

Healing from Past Hurts

How to get out of the rut of revisiting past hurts and re-opening old wounds.

How to Find Hope in Hard Times

When you feel discouraged, remember that God loves you!

Friends Forever

I praise God for those forever-kind-of-friends!

Evidence of a Long and Happy Marriage

A ceramic figurine inspires thoughts on what makes for a long marriage.