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Closing Out a Month of Gratitude

More things to be thankful for not just in November, but every day of the year.

Being Thankful, No Matter What

Sometimes you have dig deep to find gratitude on Thanksgiving Day.

Preparing for Promotion

Getting ready for the assignment of a lifetime.

How to Trust God in Times of Stress

Just do your part, and God will do His.

Birthday Wishes Inspired by a 4 Year Old

Memories of a little girl's joyous pursuit of a rodeo goat still fills a mom with pride and inspiration.

Freedom Isn't Free

This Veterans Day, honoring the life and sacrifice of a young Marine

Irreconcilable Differences?

For couples who encounter difficulties, Scripture offers guidance.

Do You Need to Hear from God?

He has the exact words at the exact time you need to hear them.

Watch Your Words

How not to let negativity and gossip creep into your conversations.

Sheltered with Love

Just like a baby bird, when we fall out of our nests, God is right there watching over us and protecting us.