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Michelle Medlock Adams

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When You Need to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Are you being challenged in every area of your life, or are you just comfortable?

Keys to a Happy Marriage

After 24 years of a happy marriage, here are my top 3 tips!

Choose Happiness Every Single Day

Meditate on the goodness of God and how it works for you.

A Back to School Prayer for Teachers

Be thankful for teachers who challenge and encourage young people to follow their dreams.

Let God Help Put the Past Behind You

Don't keep your eyes fixed on the rearview mirror. Remember to look forward, to life.

What If We Lived What We Say We Believe?

Even in the worst situations, if we thoughtfully respond rather than immediately react, we can mirror Christ.

A God Idea: Speak Blessings Over Your Children

As parents, the best gift to give your kids are words of affirmation. Say them out loud–today.

God Hears Your Prayers

When God prompts you to pray for someone–or something–be obedient.

When Feeling Stressed, Give Thanks

Counting her many blessings helped Michelle Medlock Adams find peace during a stressful time.

Free to Be Imperfect

We don’t have to be perfect; we just have to be available.