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Breaking the Mother’s Curse…

Don’t expect perfection from your kids–or yourself.

God Always Keeps His Promises

A precious ring is given away and then replaced.

Good News for Everybody

Christmas includes all of us, not just some of us. The gift is for everyone.

Peace on Earth, All Year Long

How to find peace in your heart and in your life, not just at Christmastime, but all year long.

Give the Gift of Forgiveness This Christmas

Wouldn’t you love to live free from old hurts and replace them with God’s joy and peace?

Fitness Inspiration for a New You

Don't be intimidated by gyms if you want to exercise more. Here's a useful mantra.

Choose Joy This Christmas

Feeling a little stressed by the holiday season? There's another way to look at it...

Holiday Hallmark Movies and Happy Endings

We all get to experience an ultimate happy ending, one beyond Hollywood.

‘Be Still and Know I Am God’

When life's events start your mind racing, remember the still, small voice of God.

Closing Out a Month of Gratitude

More things to be thankful for not just in November, but every day of the year.