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5 Promises for Difficult Days

Bible verses to keep you going through the toughest of times

Don't Wait to Show Your Love

Each day is an opportunity to tell a friend, family or colleague how they’ve blessed your life.

7 Ways to Share Faith on Social Media

Ways to comfort, inspire and pray for others using this cyber connection.

How to Keep Fear at Bay

A little boy’s prayer offers lessons about who to turn to when you're afraid.

The Wisdom of Taking One Small Step

Change is hard. But if you start small today, the rewards down the road can be big.

The Beauty of Asking for Help

Unless you pay attention to God's guidance, you can get really lost.

God's Promises During Times of Struggle

There’s no shortage of bad news in the world, but there’s no shortage of hope, either.

A Spiritual Cleaning

With a little elbow grease and attention, keep your soul spiritually clean and sparkly!

Love and Kindness for the New Year

Let God make us all that we can be, showing the best of humankind to each other.

Never Give Up On Your Dreams

You never know when God is ready to help you complete that big project.