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The power of dream

A Boy’s Big Dream Comes True

TV executive Sam Haskell shares his story of not giving up on a boyhood hope.

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Getting your heart ready for God

Getting Your Heart Ready for God

Just like preparing your home for guests, your spiritual house should be ready for Divine company.

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Looking for Jesus.

Searching for Jesus in a Crowd

If you keep looking, you’ll find Him. He's there.

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Children singing in church.

Singing from the Heart

Worshipping with a child’s enthusiasm can bring a special joy to your relationship with God.

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How to spiritually soar.

Learning to Spiritually Soar

It takes practice to become our best in our relationship with God. And sometimes that means failing and getting back up again.

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Why you should read everyday.

9 Great Reasons to Grab a Book!

Why you should drop everything and read a book to enrich your life.

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Following God's instructions.

Follow God’s Instruction Manual

His Word tells us exactly what to do, what to avoid, and who will cause us problems.

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How to get off the stress merry-go-round.

The Best Solution to Stress

If your life has turned into a merry-go-round that won't stop, here’s how to hop off for a while.

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When God Seems Far Away

Just like waiting for spring flowers to emerge, know that light and color will enter your life again.

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Holding a beloved hand

Holding a Beloved Hand

Sometimes I just want to reach out and hold God's hand because I love Him.

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