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God clears the way

A God Who Clears the Path Before Us

If we listen, God guides us past life’s pileups and complications.

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Living life with focus

Living Life with Total Focus

A 5-year-old grandson’s homerun shows what it’s like to concentrate on a goal.

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Spiritual housekeeping

Spiritual Housekeeping

Just like in a real home, cleaning and upkeep are important to your spiritual maintenance.

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The hope of spring all around and within.

Watching the Hope of Spring Emerge

The season brings light and color not only to the world around us, but within our souls as well.

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The joy and light of faith

Morning Miracle of Light

How faith lights up the world with joy and comfort each day

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Nurses who make a difference

Nurses Who Make a Difference

National Nurse Appreciation Week brings back memories of kindness and care.

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Busy mom

Make Time for What Matters

We’re all busy. But, today, do you have time for family and time for God? Yes.

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The power of dream

A Boy’s Big Dream Comes True

TV executive Sam Haskell shares his story of not giving up on a boyhood hope.

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Getting your heart ready for God

Getting Your Heart Ready for God

Just like preparing your home for guests, your spiritual house should be ready for Divine company.

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Looking for Jesus.

Searching for Jesus in a Crowd

If you keep looking, you’ll find Him. He's there.

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