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How can you be kind to someone today?
People Helping People

Be Kind to Someone Today

A stunning act of kindness is witnessed in a bank.

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When God nudges you to pray, it's for a reason.
Power of Prayer

Has God Ever Mysteriously Nudged You to Pray?

When He sends those little nudges, it’s vital that we pray for whomever He places on our hearts.

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A man dialing a smartphone
Emotional and Mental Health

God Is Always on Call

If you need to make a spiritual 9-1-1 call, God is ready and waiting.

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Anxious parents, remember that God is everywhere, even in the classroom.

A God Who Is Always There

Turning a kid loose for his first day of kindergarten is hard on a mama, until she remembers God's prescence.

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Don't feel like going to church. Here are inspiring stories who make a great effort to get there.
Positive Living

Inspiring Stories on Getting to Church

People who overcome incredible odds in order to worship God at church

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Michelle Cox's Twin grandchildren Eden and Ethan

Twins Are Twice the Blessing

Michelle Cox's twin grandchildren are reminders that God can answer your prayers beyond what you've asked and double your blessings

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Woman reading in hammock

Hidden Messages from God

Michelle Cox sees loving, personal messages in God's Word—just for her.

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Teens praising God at church
Finding Life Purpose

Investing Your Resources in God’s Work

When you put your time, money and energy into working for the Lord, the benefits are endless.

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a mother prays for her children
Adult Children

Praying for the Sharks

Michelle Cox says it’s the unexpected details that need special prayer.

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multicolored images of handprints we are all God's handprints, made in his image
God's Grace

We Are God's Handprints

Michelle Cox wonders: Do our actions reflect well on our Maker?

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