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Creating a recipe book based on When God Calls the Heart
God's Grace

A God Who Loves Details

Just the right items turn up for a recipe photo shoot for a book based on Hallmark's When God Calls the Heart.

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Building a relationship with God based on trust
Stories of Faith

The Trust Factor

Building a relationship with God doesn’t happen overnight. It takes months and years to fully appreciate His closeness.

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Are you in the dark?
Stories of Faith

Are You in the Dark?

When you can’t find your way in the darkness, know that God has you by the hand.

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Your work matters
Motivational Stories

Knowing Your Work Matters

A writer receives overwhelming affirmation from her readers.

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Birthday blessings

Birthday Blessings

A grandmother reflects on a multitude of birthdays and decides how she wants to spend the ones ahead.

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Waiting for spring
Stories of Hope

Waiting Out Winter

As dark days of snow and ice persist, it can be hard to believe that warm, sunny days will arrive. But they will.

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How do you appear to others?
Inspiring Stories

What Do You Really Look Like?

How we see ourselves and how others see us can be a mile apart. But it’s how God sees us that matters.

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Drowning in details? Spiritual lifesavers
Work Life

Drowning in Details? 6 Ways to Cope

If you're sinking under the weight of all life's daily demands, here are some spiritual lifesavers.

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Brian Bird on set of Hallmark Channel's hit TV series, When Calls the Heart.
Motivational Stories

When God Has Big Plans for You

After sharing a pizza with TV producer Brian Bird of One Calls the Heart, an unexpected creative collaboration results.

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Child-like faith
Stories of Faith

Asking with a Child-Like Faith

When we come to God with a question, He will answer it according to what we need.

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